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Minor in Global Studies and Maritime Affairs

In addition to the general requirements for earning a minor at Cal Maritime, and to receive a transcript notation of having completed the specific requirements for a minor in Global Studies and Maritime Affairs, the student will have completed a minimum of 15 units from the following curriculum:

All students must complete the following courses:

GMA 105.  Ocean Politics                                                          3 units

GMA 230.  U.S. Maritime Policy                                                 3 units

Plus any 9 units of the following courses:

Any GMA-designated course                                                     3 units

3 of the required 9 units must be a regional course:

GMA 225.  Southeast Asia                                                         3 units

GMA 315.  China and Its Neighbors                                           3 units

GMA 325.  Indian Ocean Rim                                                     3 units

GMA 335.  Maritime California                                                    3 units

Minor Advisor: 
Dr. Dianne Meredith                             


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