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Minor in Law

In addition to the general requirements for earning a minor at Cal Maritime, and to receive a transcript notation of having completed the specific requirements for a minor in Law, the student will have completed a minimum of 15* units from the following curriculum:

All students must complete the following courses**:

LAW 100.   Business Law                                                          3 units

LAW 200.   Environmental Law                                                  3 units

LAW 300.   International Law                                                     3 units

LAW 315.   Admiralty Law                                                          2 units

Plus 4* units of the following courses:

GMA 400.   International Maritime Organizations                      3 units

MGT 315.   Internship                                                                 3 units
                   (At least 60 hours total and written report required)

LAW 185.   Study Abroad                                                        2-6 units

LAW 395.   Special Topics***                                                  3 units

* No coursework used to fulfill minor requirements may simultaneously fulfill requirements toward another minor or toward courses that are tagged on the student's curriculum sheet as a "Course in Major." If any Law minor course is required by the student's major, the student must replace that course requirement with an elective course of the same number of credits.

** Course substitutions to the above requirements are to be considered by the minor advisor and department chair only upon written request from the student and documentation of comparable experience.

*** LAW 395 will offer rotating topics and can be completed up to three times for credit.

Minor Advisor

Matthew P. Dudman, Esq. JD/MBA



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