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Minor in Law

In order for a Cal-Maritime student to receive a transcript notation that he or she has completed the requirements for a Minor in Law, and receive a Law Minor Diploma at graduation, that student will have completed the following curriculum. All courses used to complete the minor must be completed with at least a "C" grade, and at least nine of the units must be completed at Cal Maritime.


Law minor: Academic course list

A minimum of 15 total units (required and elective) must be completed

Required courses (11 units total)

LAW 100: Business Law (3 units)

LAW 200: Environmental Law (3 units)

LAW 300: International Law (3 units)

LAW 315: Admiralty Law (2 units)


Elective courses (Complete 4 TOTAL UNITS from below*)

LAW 395: Special Topics (2-6 units)

LAW 185: Study Abroad (2-6 units)

MGT 315: Internship (3 units)

GMA 405: International Maritime Organizations (3 units)

*Other law-related electives accepted with formal approval of Program Coordinator

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