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Academic Senate

The Senate Portal provides the campus community with access to all Senate Documents, including academic policies and archived minutes of the General Senate and Executive Committee.

For Senate elections and online discussion, please log in to the Senate Moodle page.

Academic Senate Executive Committee, 2017-2018

 Headshot of Tom Nordenholz, Chair of the Academic Senate

Tom Nordenholz (Chair)
Mechanical Engineering

Alex Parker (Vice Chair)
Sciences and Mathematics

Dinesh Pinisetty (Secretary)
Engineering Technology

 Headshot of Khalid Bachkar, Member at Large of the Academic Senate

Khalid Bachkar (Member at Large)
International Business and Logistics

Keir Moorhead (Member at Large)
Engineering Technology

Brent Pohlman (Member at Large)
Sciences and Mathematics

Headshot of Steve Browne, Senator of the Academic Senate California State University

Steve Browne (Academic Senate CSU Senator)
Marine Transportation 

Cynthia Trevisan (Academic Senate CSU Senator)
Sciences and Mathematics

If you have questions concerning Senate materials, please contact Senate Secretary Dinesh Pinisetty at (707) 654-1116 or dpinisetty@csum.edu.

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Academic Senate Moodle Page

Academic Senate Portal (Log-in)

Student Academic Conduct

Faculty Affairs

Faculty Development


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Executive Committee Membership 2017-18

Tom Nordenholz, Chair

Alex Parker, Vice Chair

Dinesh Pinisetty, Secretary

Khalid Bachkar, Member at Large

Brent Pohlmann, Member at Large

Keir Moorhead, Member at Large

Steve Browne, CSU Academic Senator

Cynthia Trevisan, CSU Academic Senator

Valerie E. Holl McGowan, Interim Member at Large (Spring 2018)

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