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Curriculum Committee

The Curriculum Committee of the Academic Senate serves five primary functions:

  • the official archive for the curriculum of Cal Maritime;
  • the official archive for program review documentation;
  • an institutional advisory presence for program and accreditation review;
  • vehicle-of-change for all curriculum modification;
  • an institutional advisory presence for creation and development of all new degree programs.

The Curriculum Committee Policies & Procedures can be viewed at the University Policies page.

Agendas and minutes from Academic Year 2000-2001 through Academic Year 2016-2017 can be found on the Curriculum Committee Archives page. Current academic year agendas and minutes are posted below.


 2018-2019 ACADEMIC YEAR

First Meeting Date Agenda Minutes
10/08/18 Agenda 10/08/18 Minutes 10/08/18
  Agenda 11/08/18 Minutes 11/08/18
  Agenda 12/11/18 Minutes 12/11/18
  Agenda 2/26/19  



First Meeting Date Agenda Minutes
10/24/17 Agenda 10/24/17 Minutes 10/24/17
  Agenda 12/05/17 Minutes 12/05/17
  Agenda 03/01/18 Minutes 03/01/18
  Agenda 03/22/18 Minutes 03/22/18
  Agenda 04/19/18 Minutes 04/19/18


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Curriculum Committee Forms

Curriculum Change Request Form

Course Modality Request Form

Informal Curriculum Change Request Form

Department Chair Questionnaire

Style for Course Descriptions in a Course Catalog

Curriculum Committee

  • Pat Harper, Staff Secretary, non-voting
  • Amy Parsons, Curriculum Committee Chair, Culture & Communication
  • Scott Green, Engineering Technology
  • Amber Janssen, Library
  • Tony Lewis, International Business & Logistics
  • Elizabeth McNie, Marine Transportation
  • Dianne Meredith, Global Studies & Maritime Affairs
  • Tom Oppenheim, Mechanical Engineering
  • David Perry, Naval Science
  • Jeff Ward, Athletics
  • Frank Yip, Sciences & Mathematics
  • Graham Benton, Associate Provost, Academics, ex officio, non-voting
  • Don Maier, Dean, School of Maritime Transportation, Logistics and Management, ex officio, non-voting
  • Kevin Mandernack, Dean, School of Letters & Sciences, ex officio, non-voting
  • Lina Neto, Dean, School of Engineering, ex officio, non-voting
  • Julia Odom, Registrar, ex officio, non-voting
  • Shari Smiljanic-Villa, Records Analyst, ex officio, non-voting
  • Mike Tressel, Admissions, ex officio, non-voting


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