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Cal Maritime Affordable Learning Initiative (CALI)

The high cost of textbooks hurts students' education and impacts their ability to graduate. This is especially true in our current economic climate. In order to address this problem, Cal Maritime is poised to lead a pilot implementation of the Affordable Learning Solutions Campaign, which aims to increase faculty awareness of alternative resources and provide students with cheaper course materials.

What's driving this increase? 

  1. Publishers only make money from new books, so they have moved to releasing new editions in a two-to-four-year cycles,which keeps the cost of book rentals and used books higher due to their shorter life cycle.

  2. Professors are often unaware of the cost when assigning the latest versions of textbooks. Most new editions contain only small changes, like newer photos and somewhat updated cultural references, but enough to change the page number references.

  3. Publishers attach etext and supplemental materials to textbooks that might look like a good bargain, but raise the price. A study by the California State Auditor found that the majority of students have had to purchase "bundled" materials they never used for 2 to 5 courses. 

  4. Digital textbooks or custom editions, especially loose-leaf editions can't be sold back, further reducing the used book market.


CALI Contact Information

Tamra Donnelly
Director of Planning & Operations, Academic Affairs
(707) 654-1226

Michele Van Hoeck
Library Dean
(707) 654-1090


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