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What is Affordable Learning Solutions (AL$)?  

The Affordable Learning Solutions Campaign aims to increase faculty awareness of alternative resources and provide students with cheaper course materials as a way of addressing the high cost of textbooks that typically hurt students' education and impacts their ability to graduate. 

Why do we need Affordable Learning Solutions (AL$)?

Affordable learning materials provide many ways to improve teaching and learning. On the most basic level, adopting no or low-cost materials INCREASES the chances your students will be able to acquire the course materials and be ready on the first day of class.  

Students who use OER in their undergraduate courses perform as well or better than those assigned commercial textbooks, and show higher rates of completion.

65% of Cal Maritime students don't buy a required text due to the cost, although they realize it will impact their grade negatively.

Busy students need and appreciate cost and format choices (online content, ebooks, print), with affordability and ease of access being key factors.


A grant of $50,000 from the Chancellors office for AL$ was recieved in May of 2016. 

There is more information on this grant here.








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Contact Information:

Michele Van Hoeck
Library Dean
(707) 654-1097

Quick Links:

CSU AL$ Initiative Information

Faculty Showcase


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