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Open Education Resources (OER)


Open educational resources (OER) are educational materials that are either licensed under an open copyright license, usually Creative Commons, or are in the public domain, such as Project Gutenberg.

Under both types you have free access and permission to:

  • revise: to better meet your needs
  • reuse: either the original or your revised version
  • remix: combine it with other materials
  • redistribute: make copies and share your new version with others.

OER can include textbooks, videos, simulations, assessments, lecture notes and even full courses!

It is unlikely that you will find one OER that perfectly fits your needs and you'll need to do some digging, but we think you'll be pleasantly surprised by the breadth, variety and quality of materials available.  There is no one definitive source for finding them, but the links below provide a wide range of search engines and sources.  If you find something we've missed, please let us know and we'll add it to the list.  We love OER!

OER Search Engines & Aggregators

Open Education Books

Public Domain and Government Materials

Images, Music, and Videos

Simulations, Models and Case Studies

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