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Our Initiative


Many of our students are struggling to make ends meet, juggling work and family responsibilities in addition to their course load. Anything we can do to help reduce the cost of their education will support their well-being and academic success. Your participation is essential to the success of this effort.  

What You Can Do

  • Review this list of 12 ways you can reduce your textbook costs.
  • If you're in love with your textbook, or just stuck with it:
    • implement some of the cost-control measures described there
    • negotiate with the publisher. Many faculty have negotiated a 30% to 50% cost reduction with your publisher's representative. Do some cost comparisons of other potential texts for your course beforehand. 
    • see whether one of these lower-cost alternatives might work for your.
  • Dip your toes into the vast pool of free and open education resources available for your course.
  • Participate in the twice-yearly CALI call for faculty proposals to reduce their textbook costs.



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