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Procedures Checklist for Visiting Faculty and Scholar Applicants

About four months lead time is recommended to fully complete process.

___      Consult What it Means to Host a Visiting Faculty/Scholar for information regarding Cal Maritime's departmental obligations and responsibilities.   The chair of the department hosting the visiting faculty or visiting scholar must fill out the Visiting Faculty/Scholar Eligibility Form . 

___      Visiting Faculy /Scholar Eligibility Form is reviewed and signed by the Academic Dean, the Provost, and President.

___      The chair of the hosting department will write a letter of invitation to the visiting faculty and scholar applicant.  The letter of invitation should detail the nature of the research or of the teaching appointment, and clarify the visiting faculty's potential appointment and Cal Maritime's support of the visiting scholar (such as office space, computer access, etc.). 

___      Letter of invitation is approved by the Academic Dean and the Provost.

___      Letter of invitation is signed and sent by the Academic Dean to the visiting scholar applicant.  A copy of the letter of invitation is then sent to the office of the Coordinator of the Visiting Scholar and Exchange Programs.

___      Coordinator of the Visiting Scholar establishes a file for the visiting faculty/scholar. 

___      Coordinator prepares the DS-2019 Application for Visiting Professor or Research Scholar and contacts applicant for processing fees (currently $750).  Applicant must also sign and sent to the Coordinator the J Scholar Health Insurance Agreement.

___      Coordinator will send the information to California State University, East Bay's Center for International Education where a form DS-2019 will be prepared (allow two to three weeks for this process).   

___      Once the completed DS-2019 is returned to Cal Maritime, a copy is kept in the visiting scholar's file.  Original is forwarded to the visiting scholar for his use at his home embassy in obtaining a J-1 visa. 

Once Visiting Faculty/Scholar Arrives in the U.S.

Bring your Immigration Documents and Local Address to the Visiting and Exchange Programs Coordinator  within the First Week of Your Arrival (but no later than 3 weeks after the program start date on your DS-2019).  Immigration documents include 1) passport, 2) DS-2019, and 3) I-94.  Address information includes exchange visitor's (and dependents) address, phone, email.  Local emergency contact name, address, and phone, and relation to scholar (and dependents).


____  Send a copy of all of the above information to CIE, California State University, East Bay within TWO WEEKS of the scholar's arrival.

____ Purchase Medical Insurance and/or Show Proof of Purchase to the Visiting and Exchange Programs Coordinator within the First Week of Your Arrival
J-1 Exchange Visitors and J-2 dependents must show proof of health insurance coverage within one week of arrival into the United States.  This insurance must meet CSUEB requirements.  Insurance can be purchased through www.CSUhealthlink.com.)


____ Apply for your Social Security Number.  Only J-1 scholars and dependents with the intention to work may obtain a Social Security card.  The Social Security Number is required for on- or off-campus employment. 

____ Visit the Human Resources Office.  The office is located in the Administration Building.  At the HR office you will begin the process of getting on the payroll and becoming an official employee of Cal Maritime.  Bring your passport, visa documents, and social security card. 

____  Obtain your Cal Maritime ID.  To obtain an Academy identification card, go to the Information System office (Classroom Building room 106). You will need to bring a photo ID (passport is fine). 

____  Obtain a California Maritime Academy (Information Systems office, Classroom Building room 106) Computer Account

____ Visit the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).  Even if you do not wish to obtain a driver's license, it is recommended that you apply for a California Identification Card at the DMV to have photo identification without having to carry your passport with you.

____ Buy your Parking Sticker.  By cash, check, credit card, or traveler's check at the Cashier's Office in the Administration building. 


Change of address:

Whenever the Exchange Visitor has a change of address, s/he must provide Cal Maritime with their new address.  Cal Maritime, in turn, has to notify CSUEB Center for International Education with the changes.


Travel Policy

  • allowed to re-enter the US.)  These documents must be carried on the visitors person (not in luggage) when traveling. 

  • The J visa must indicate "M" under "entries" (which indicates that the visiting scholar can have multiple entries on the same visa).

  • The visiting faculty/scholar should submit his DS-2019 along with a letter stating the travel dates to Cal Maritime, who in turn will submit the documents to CIE for endorsement.

  • Please have the visiting scholar also sign the Travel Dependent Policy, which states CIE's policies on travel if the scholar has dependents.

For more information, please contact:

Ryan Dudley Wade 
Director, International Programs
200 Maritime Academy Drive
Vallejo, CA  94590





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