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Cal Maritime Faculty

For CSU International Programs application forms, contact Steve Browne at 707-654-1162  
or sbrowne

Department Chair Recommendation/Planning Form  (for Maritime Exchange Opportunities)

Foreign Language Competency Form  (for Maritime Exchange Opportunities)




Visiting Faculty and Scholars 

Visiting Scholar Eligibility Form

DS-2019 Application for Visiting Professor or Research Scholar

Extension Request Form for Cal Maritime J-Visa Exchange Visitors

J Scholar Health Insurance Agreement




Cal Maritime Students

CSU International Programs Application Form

Foreign Language Competency Form  (for Maritime Exchange Opportunities)

Faculty Recommendation Form (for Maritime Exchange Opportunities)

Credit Transfer Agreement Form  (for Maritime Exchange Opportunities)


Visiting Students

International Students Application



Steve Browne
Coordinator of the Visiting Scholar Program

California Maritime Academy 
200 Maritime Academy Drive
Vallejo, CA  94590


Sections of this website are based on materials from several colleagues and schools throughout the United States.  To them and their inspiration we owe a debt of gratitude. 


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