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Accreditation Documents

Institution-Wide Assessment Reports

Executive Summary  2010

     SLO(A)  Written Communication Report 2010

     SLO(B)  Critical and Creative Thinking Report 2011

     SLO(J)   Global Stewardship Report 2011

Executive Summary 2012

Executive Summary 2013

     SLO(I)   Ethical Awareness Report 2013

     SLO(E)  Lifelong Learning Report 2013

     SLO(G)  Information Fluency Report 2013

Executive Summary 2014

     SLO(C)  Quantitative Reasoning 2014

Executive Summary 2015

     SLO(D)  Scientific Reasoning 2015

     SLO(A)  Communication 2015

Collegiate Learning Assessment

CLA Action Plan 2008

CLA Report 2007-2008

CLA Report 2010-2011

CLA Report Fall 2011

CLA Report Fall 2012

Program Reviews

Department of Business Administration (Vol. 1)

Department of Business Administration (Vol. 2)

Department of Global Studies and Maritime Affairs

Department of Marine Transportation

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Department of Engineering Technology


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