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(updated 11/27/2018)

Checklist for Saving Your Space and Enrolling


This checklist is designed to be printed and used as a reference. Items will not be electronically checked off the page once you submit an online form or an item is received by the admission office.  To monitor that progress online beginning mid-January, 2019, go to your "To Do" list within your PeopleSoft Student Center. You access that from your Student Portal by clicking on "Sign In" in the upper-right corner of this page, entering your MyCalMaritime Portal and clicking the "PeopleSoft - Student Services" icon in the left-hand navigation of the page.





Make appointment with your physician for physical examination to meet the April 2 or May 1 deadline indicated below



Apply for financial aid

March 2


Apply for Cal Grant (California residents only)

March 2


Submit health report forms – priority deadline

April 2


Submit health report forms – regular deadline

May 1*


Submit online Admission Acknowledgment and $500 deposit

May 1**


Submit online uniform sizing sheet 

May 1**


Submit supplemental information online form 

May 1**


Submit housing license agreement (required for all)

May 1**


Petition for permission to live off campus (optional)

May 1
  Submit signed copy of passport (or apply for new passport) June 1


Petition online for those requesting campus parking permit

June 1


Complete health insurance waiver online (if eligible)

By deadline on Student Health Services web page


Students placed in Fall 2019 courses by Registrar's Office

Early July


Submit all final high school and college transcripts

July 15



Send all health forms to:                                 Send all other paper forms or documents to:

Cal Maritime Student Health Center               Cal Maritime Admission Office
200 Maritime Academy Drive                           200 Maritime Academy Drive
Vallejo, CA 94590                                              Vallejo, CA 94590

(707) 654-1170                                                   (707) 654-1330


*Your ability to be registered for classes is contingent on providing all requested medical information in a timely fashion to the Cal Maritime Student Health Center.

**For students who are accepted after May 1, all forms must be submitted as soon as possible within two weeks of the date you receive your admission offer.

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