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CSU Early Start


What is CSU Early Start?

The CSU offers summer courses designed to help admitted first-year students improve their English and math skills before their first fall semester. Visit College Readiness for the full list of qualifiers.

Who must participate in CSU Early Start?

California residents demonstrating need for additional development in English and/or math will participate in CSU Early Start. Review the multiple measures to determine whether or not you must participate. Non-residents and international students do not participate.

How do I register for CSU Early Start?

Register through the Early Start Smartpage in the MyCalMaritime student portal. You may enroll in classroom-based, online, or hybrid classes at any CSU campus, but must enroll in a three-unit minimum course (Note: Cal Maritime does not presently offer CSU Early Start, but will accept proof of completion from other CSU campuses). The course costs $182.00 per unit, plus a $2.00 campus fee, with financial aid available for students demonstrating need. You must complete the Early Start Smartpage by June 15, 2018.

Important: Follow these instructions to complete the Early Start Smartpage.

When must I complete CSU Early Start?

You must complete all CSU Early Start coursework no later than August 10, 2018.

Are there alternatives to CSU Early Start?

Yes. While the CSU recommends completing CSU Early Start, you may select from available third-party course listings. If selecting an online option, you may still need to complete a proctored final exam at an approved testing center.

Where can I learn more about CSU Early Start?

Please read the official FAQ for additional information about availability, fees, and exemptions.

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