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Early Assessment Program

The Early Assessment Program (EAP) ensures California high school graduates entering the California State University (CSU) demonstrate requisite knowledge and skills for college-level English and math coursework, reducing the need for remediation in college. The program measures students' subject area proficiencies through 11th Grade standardized testing and provides academic preparation pathways during 12th Grade.

Measuring Readiness

All California public high school students participate in California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP) standardized English and math testing during 11th Grade. As an embedded component of CAASPP testing, the EAP assigns students readiness statuses based on their CAASPP results, which indicate how they may spend 12th Grade preparing academically for college.







Readiness Pathways

The EAP provdes secondary measures for demonstrating readiness in English and math, as well as opportunities to earn exemptions from CSU placement testing and remediation. These pathways include alternative testing and approved college preparatory coursework.

Pathway A:  Advanced Placement Testing (11th Grade Only)

Students enrolled in Advanced Placement (AP) English and math courses during 11th Grade can demonstrate readiness in either subject area by passing any of the following AP exams with a score of 3 or higher.


Pathway B:  Admissions-based Test Scores (11-12th Grade)

Students can upgrade their readiness statuses using American College Testing (ACT) and Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) scores. If taken prior to 12th Grade, students' readiness statuses for English and/or math change to reflect whichever test advantages them most.


Pathway C:  Approved Year-long Coursework (12th Grade Only)

Students with "Conditionally Ready" status may demonstrate readiness in English and/or math by passing any of the approved year-long 12th Grade coursework listed below with a minimum C- grade for both semesters. (Note: Each course listed below satisfies the University of California's "a-g" subject requirements for areas "b" and "c". All math courses have an Algebra II/Integrated Math III prerequisite.)


Pathway D:  CSU Placement Tests (12th Grade)

Students with "Not Yet/Not Ready" status in English and/or math (as well as those with "Conditionally Ready" status who do not satisfy the above conditions) must pass the Entry-Level Mathematics (ELM) exam and/or English Placement Test (EPT) to qualify for enrollment in college-level courses and avoid remediation in college.



CSU Early Start Program

Students who do not fulfill the above conditions for exemption from remediation must enroll in the CSU Early Start Program the summer before their first fall semester and complete all remedial coursework within their first year at a CSU. Visit the CSU Success website for a complete list of CSU campuses offering the Early Start Program.

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Coordinator, College Readiness & EAP

Matthew Tener, MA
Laboratory Building 112
(707) 654-1081


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