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The CSU's Early Start Program

(Please note that Early Start is not required for transfer students or out-of-state students, but out-of-state freshman students are strongly encouraged to complete remediation courses during the summer before the freshman year or risk extending the time to graduate by one year)


If you found this page through a web search - the information is not current. Click here for the updated information.


"What You Should I Do if My ELM (Math) and/or EPT (English) Scores Were Not High Enough to Demonstrate Math and/or English Proficiency (ELM Score of 0-49 / EPT Score of 0-146)"


Step 1: Determine if you are required to participate in the Early Start Program

Step 2: If you are required to participate in Early Start, you must enroll in and complete summer Early Start courses or you can't enroll in ANY fall courses. Whether or not you are required to participate in Early Start, you are still strongly urged to take (and pass) a Summer 2016 course that meets math and/or English proficiency. These courses can be offered through a CSU campus, local community college or through an online school such as Omega Math. Here is a list of some of the approved courses outside of the CSU. These are just examples. Until the course(s) demonstrating proficiency are completed, you will not be able to register for math and/or English courses placing you off-track for on-time graduation. If you have any questions, contact the Office of Admission (information in the right hand column).


The CSU system policy known as "Early Start" requires incoming students (California residents only) who do not demonstrate readiness for college-level math and/or English to begin remediation (enroll in and complete approved courses) during the summer before coming to the CSU or they cannot enroll for any fall courses. The goal of Early Start is to better prepare students in math and English before their first semester, thereby improving their chances of completing a college degree.  Read on to see if Early Start is required for you.

1 - See if you have met proficiency in English and/or math.

- If you meet any of these English requirements, then you have demonstrated English readiness. No remediation courses are needed for you, and you do not need Early Start.

- If you meet any of these math requirements, then you have to demonstrated math readiness. No remediation courses are needed for you, and you do not need Early Start.

2 - If you have not met demonstrated readiness, Placement tests in English (EPT), and/or math (ELM) are required by the deadlines listed below. Students who score high enough on the EPT or ELM tests do not need Early Start.  The remaining students need Early Start (residents of states other than California are exempt from Early Start but are strongly encouraged to complete remediation courses during the summer before the freshman year or risk extending the time to graduate by one year)

"How will Early Start affect California residents who are first-time freshmen entering Cal Maritime Fall 2016?" 
Admitted freshmen who are planning on attending Cal Maritime or any CSU campus and are not exempt should take the ELM/EPT as early as possible (preferably by the April testing date). Freshmen must accept their Cal Maritime offer of admission by May 1, 2017 by submitting their intent to enroll and enrollment deposit. If required, they must take the ELM/EPT no later than the system-wide test date in early May, 2017, but are strongly encouraged to take the tests by the April testing date. If their scores indicate they must participate in Early Start, they must declare how they will fulfill this requirement by June 1, 2017 using the Early Start Smart Page which will be available to them via their Cal Maritime student portal by selecting the PeopleSoft icon.
CSU Early Start Details
Early Start is required for incoming freshmen students from California who have not demonstrated current proficiency indicating readiness to take college-level English and college-level math. To see which scores require Early Start - Click here.
  • The program takes place the summer before the freshman year.

  • To find out if you need remediation classes either this summer through the "Early Start" Program or in the fall, go to the "Early Start Smart Page" within your Student Portal.  Click here to follow simple instructions to sign in and try out the "Smart Page."

  • If you think you may have missed that e-mail and want to make sure you are or are not waived from remediation or (if you need remediation) if remediation is required for you in the summer through Early Start..... Just Click Here for Instructions to Reach the Early Start Smart Page.  

    Those who are required to take part in summer "Early Start" must visit (By June 1st) the Smart Page and tell us at which school they plan to complete Early Start

  • Early Start math and English courses will be available at almost every CSU campus, at a few community colleges, and online

  • We strongly recommend you choose and pass a 3 or 4 semester unit remediation course this summer to fulfill Early Start. You are then likely to be fully remediated and can take the corresponding college-level course in the Fall. 
    If you choose a 1 semester unit Early Start course to fulfill Early Start, you are likely to still need a remediation course in the fall or spring that costs approximately $450 above normal tuition. 

  • Financial aid will be available for those who demonstrate need (see below for details).

  • Students who are required to participate in Early Start but do not enroll in a summer program cannot enroll in any Fall courses at Cal Maritime unless a waiver is granted for extenuating circumstance by Cal Maritime's Early Start Committee.
"What will the Early Start "Smart Page" in PeopleSoft do when I complete it between May 15 and June 1?"
When you fill out the Early Start Page between May 15 and June 1, you tell us which approved course you plan to use to fulfill Early Start.  If you are choosing a course at a CSU campus, your selection is transmitted to that campus, and that CSU campus will contact you about how to enroll in the course. You can begin identifying the campus location and course you want to use to complete Early Start at http://earlystart.csusuccess.org/csu_early_start.
Fall 2017 Freshmen Admission and Testing Key Dates 


Application deadline
November 30, 2016
Take SAT or ACT
No later than December 2016
Cal Maritime admission notifications begin
Early February 2017
Recommended System-wide ELM/EPT dates
Jan, Feb, Mar. Apr. or May of 2017
Preferred ELM/EPT test date deadline
April, 2017
Deadline to accept Cal Maritime offer of admission
May 1, 2017
Absolute Final Date to take the ELM/EPT
Early May, 2017 (System-wide test date)
Early Start "Smart Page" available through Cal Maritime's student portal by clicking the "PeopleSoft" icon.
Those required to participate use that page to indicate which course they plan to take to fulfill Early Start on that page.
Deadline to complete Early Start Program Smart Page
April 1, 2017
June 1, 2017
Deadline to complete Early Start Program activities
August 10, 2017
"Who must participate in the Early Start Program?"
  • Math: 
    An ELM Score of 0-49

    All students who have not demonstrated college readiness must participate (ELM score less than 50). Please note that students who were deemed conditionally exempt in math based on the Early Assessment Program (EAP) do not have to participate. 

    An ELM Score of 50 and above requires no Early Start and no math remediation.

  • English: 
    An EPT Score of 0-146 needs remediation via Early Start (by Aug. 10, 2017).

    An EPT Score of 147 and above requires no Early Start and no English remediation.

    The Early Start Program will target students needing the most preparation in English (EPT score from 1 to 137). Please note that students who are participating in the EAP English Conditionally Exempt/ERWC pilot may not have to participate.

  • Exemptions - The following students will not be required to participate in Early Start:
    • International students and residents of other states
    • Students may appeal if circumstances beyond their control prevent participation
"How can Cal Maritime students fulfill the Early Start Program requirement?"
  • Students may participate in an Early Start program offered at any other CSU campus (Cal Maritime offers no summer Early Start courses on our campus). Some CSU campuses are planning to offer on-line course options as well.
  • Some students may wish to take an approved course at their local Community College. Be aware that space in traditional English and math developmental courses may be very limited at many Community Colleges. The Chancellor's Office is attempting to create Early Start Program offerings in remote areas in collaboration with community colleges serving those locations.
  • Approved online courses through CSU campuses or other organizations such as BYU Online or Omega Math
"How much will it cost?"
  • Early Start Programs offered at any of the CSU campuses will have a common fee.  The current fee estimate is $182 per unit and is subject to change based on approved fee increases.  Campus parking and course instruction materials may also be charged.
  • California residents who have a Pell Grand as part of their financial aid package will be eligible for a waiver of the per unit fee.
  • Remediation courses taken at Cal Maritime during the fall or spring semesters each cost approximately $450.
"Where can I get more information?"
For ELM (math proficiency) and EPT (English proficiency) testing dates, locations, and registration procedures, go to http://www.ets.org/csu/about


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