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The StarRez Housing Reservation & Off-Campus Petition System


Cal Maritime uses the StarRez online reservation system for the Housing and Residential Life Office.  Through this system, you can submit your Housing License Agreement and reserve your space.  Those requesting permission to live off-campus can also make that request with StarRez.

To reach StarRez, take the following steps:

1. Click on "Sign In" on the upper right corner of any webpage

2. Enter your username and password to sign into your student portal "MyCalMaritime." If you can't remember your password, use the password recovery feature or either call our IT Help Desk at (707) 654-1048 or email them at itsupport@csum.edu.

3. Inside MyCalMaritime, locate the links along the left side of the page and click on "StarRez" which is a few links down from the top of the link list. A small window may pop-up asking you to re-enter your username and password.  Use the same ones you used to log into MyCalMaritime. (If the StarRez link does not allow you to link to the welcome page mentioned below, please contact the Admission Office at 707-654-1330 or at admission@csum.edu.)  

4. Once you reach the welcome page, use the link "Application" along the top of that page to begin your housing application. 

5. Here's a helpful tip. If you leave your screen inactive for a long time, StarRez may time-out for security reasons.  If you encounter problems signing in after timing out, try completely closing your browser and beginning again with a fresh browser. Don't worry. You won't lose your previous work. It will be there when you return to StarRez.

If you have any questions about the StarRez Housing Application, e-mail the Housing Office at housing@csum.edu or call 707-654-1400.

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