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"I Have Been Admitted" 


Are you Ready to Come Aboard and Save Your Space at

Cal Maritime? The New Student Guide is as Easy as 1, 2, 3, 4

 Like every college, Cal Maritime admits more students than it can accommodate. In order to reserve your space in the fall 2019 enrolling class, you need complete the following steps: 1) the non-refundable $500 deposit, (online or mailed), 2) the Admission Acknowledgment Form (online), 3) the printed medical forms, and 4) the online "StarRez" Housing License Agreement or optional Off-Campus Housing Petition (available online beginning Feb., 2019) .

Click here if you are ready to get started or just want to find out more about what is required and due dates for each item.



Review the "New Student Guide" Mentioned in Your Acceptance Letter


The New Student Guide is an online guide that includes all the information you need - with online (and a few printable) forms that must be submitted by May 1, 2019 (along with the $500 non-refundable deposit) to save your space. After May 1, 2019 all spaces in your major may be filled because we admit more students than we have room for. This guide can answer many of your questions. For any enrollment questions contact the Office of Admission at 707-654-1330



You're Invited to "Cal Maritime Day"

Our Open House Exclusively for Accepted Students and Their Families

Sign up for Cal Maritime Day on Saturday, April 13.
 - Check-In: 8am - 9am
 - Program: 9am - 3pm


Cal Maritime Day is designed for you to look over the Academy from stem to stern. 

  • Tour the residence halls, the simulators, the Training Ship GOLDEN BEAR, the classrooms, and the labs
  • Learn about your major from professors, current students, and recent alumni
  • See the surprising variety of clubs and organizations to round out your education
  • A continental breakfast and lunch are available for purchase.

While the event is not mandatory in any way, it's designed for both those who are still deciding where to attend next fall AND those who have already chosen Cal Maritime. We hope to see you there!



Attend the Annual "Women in Maritime Leadership" Conference


This program invites admitted students on Saturday, March 15 and/or 16, 2019 and is designed for women (from admitted students to current cadets) interested in the international business and logistics, global studies, marine transportation, engineering, and engineering technology fields. Professionals from these industries will speak on topics important to the empowerment and success of our female cadets as they enter their careers. A description and online reservation form can be found at www.csum.edu/wml. One family member per student is also invited. The event is free for each admitted student and one guest. Sign up for your free tickets at www.csum.edu/wml.




Check Your Student Portal "MyCalMaritime" that Includes Campus Email & Your PeopleSoft Student Center 

 You should have been sent access to your campus e-mail account and student portal to the email address you listed in your admission application. Look for an email with the subject line "Your ID, Username, and passwords for Cal Maritime portal and e-mail." If you cannot find that email, it may have been blocked, so just give us a call or send an email to admission@csum.edu and we can resend your credentials.

Once you find that email, go to www.csum.edu (or any Cal Maritime webpage) and click on "Sign In" in the upper right corner of the page.  Then enter your username and your password. You should now be on the Cal Maritime Student Portal called "MyCalMaritime."  The access to your Cal Maritime email account is on the left side - "Office 365 Email."  You should also take a look at your records in our computer system called "PeopleSoft -Student Systems."  Inside PeopleSoft, look for "Student Center" which is how you evenuatlly will view or change your addresses, emails, phone numbers, view the courses you're registered in, accept the financial aid you've been offered, and more.

Add your Campus EMail to your Smart Phone


The easiest way to access your campus e-mail is to add it as an e-mail account on your smart phone (iPhone or Android). To view instructions for adding your campus e-mail to your Smart Phone, refer to the first e-mail we sent to your Cal Maritime Account with the subject line "Welcome to your new Cal Maritime email account."





Academic Preparation and CSU Early Start for Students Admitted from High School


The California State University (CSU) ensures first-time freshmen demonstrate academic preparation for GE English and math through multiple measures, including test scores, high school/math GPA, and/or a combination thereof with passing grades in approved college preparatory coursework.  Students demonstrating academic preparation may enroll directly into GE courses.  Visit College Readiness for a full list of multiple measures and outcomes.

Students with applicable AP, CLEP, or International Baccalaureate test scores and/or college course transfer credit already fulfill the GE course requirement and may advance to the next level English and math course(s) required by their majors.

Students not demonstrating academic preparation through multiple measures may still enroll in GE English and/or math, but will also complete supportive instruction as part of their coursework.  For English, students will enroll in a full-year "stretch" EGL 100 course; for math, students will enroll in MTH 100 and complete the non-credit MTH 99 lab.

Students not meeting any multiple measures must complete CSU Early Start during the summer before their first fall semester at the CSU (CA residents only).  They must complete CSU Early Start before they may enroll in courses at the CSU and will also participate in supportive instruction as part of their GE coursework.

For more information, please contact the Early Assessment Program at (707) 654-1081 or eap@csum.edu.





Set Up Your Medical Exam and Fill Out the Medical Forms

Set up an appointment with your physician for a full examination. The forms your doctor needs to complete can be accessed by clicking here. These forms are due to our Health Center by May 1, 2019. But those who wish a priority medical review prior to May 1, 2018 may receive one if the medical forms are submitted by April 2, 2019 and no additional medical tests or documents are required. Remember that you cannot enroll unless you are medically cleared by Cal Maritime's Health Review Committee. In some cases, a medical clearance may limit enrollment to only certain majors to be explained in notifications by the Health Review Committee.







About the Mandatory Health Insurance Requirement

It is the policy of Cal Maritime to require all enrolled students to maintain Cal Maritime student health insurance or comparable private insurance.  This is due to the special nature of the educational experience at the Academy, which includes an international training cruise or international study experience.

If you are currently NOT INSURED:
You will be automatically enrolled in the Cal Maritime insurance plan that meets all school requirements.

If you are CURRENTLY INSURED and wish to maintain your current insurance, you must:
Request a waiver from purchasing Cal Maritime's insurance plan by completing the online insurance waiver on the Student Health Services web site at http://www.csum.edu/web/health-services/required-health-insurance.  The deadline to complete the online waiver from mandatory school health insurance has not be set yet, but it is usually in early July. Please note - It is the responsibility of the student to inform Cal Maritime when coverage changes after any waiver has been granted.


Important Documents to Read


Veterans Programs

Follow this link to information for Veterans.


Take a Campus Tour

Follow this link to request a campus tour or call us at (707) 654-1330.

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"I'm Ready to Choose Cal Maritime. What do I Need to Do?" Click Here

Contact the Admission Office

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Phone:    (707) 654-1330
24/7 Fax: (707) 654-1336

Cal Maritime
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