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Summary of Public Comments and Cal Maritime Responses

This is where all appropriate comments, questions, and responses about future impaction from this web site and public meetings will be summarized within one week of submission.

Date Comment Source Comment or Question Campus Response


Meeting with local school officials (open to the public)

The Solano College Engineering Department expressed pleasure with the clear expectations for admission, but wondered why a common lower-division engineering course was not part of the list of proposed requirements.  That course was "circuits."

The chair of Cal Maritime's Engineering Technology Department indicated that this course must be taught at Cal Maritime due to the several competencies related to U.S. Coast Guard licensing requirements covered by circuits course.

4-11-2016 Meeting with local school officials (open to the public) It was mentioned that all community colleges might not have a course called "Engineering Graphics." After some discussion it seemed that Solano College's equivalent course was likely "Drafting" 45. Cal Maritime indicated we would look to broaden what we indicate as common course titles of equivalent courses at other schools – especially for Engineering Graphics.

April 4-11, 2016

Public Meetings in Solano County

No members of the public attended, there were no questions or comments


March 15-April 12, 2016

Comments from the Impacation Website

There were no questions or comments submitted




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