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Visitors (Part-Time)

Visitors – Open University

What is the next available entry term?

Fall 2016

When can I apply for Fall 2016?

May 1 to first week of September, 2016

How can I apply?

Send in a completed Open University Application

What items are required for your office to make an admission decision?

A completed Open University Application

A completed Open University Fee Calculation Form

How is Open University different than attending Cal Maritime as a matriculated student (via the full admission process)?

You can only register after the first day of classes –selecting from courses that remain open. You can only register for a maximum of 24 units at Cal Maritime through Open University. Financial aid is not available

Open University - Description

The Open University program allows non-matriculated students the opportunity to enroll in one or more courses each academic term without formal admittance to Cal Maritime. Students pay for courses through the Extended Learning department, on a per-unit basis, and are subject to space availability and enrollment priority policies. Open University participants can receive credit in lower and/or upper division course work, for a maximum of 24 semester units.

Course prerequisites must be completed prior to enrollment. An academic transcript indicating successful completion of course prerequisites must be presented to the Student Records Office at the time of application. All Open University participants must adhere to the college's academic policies.

The tuition fee for both in-state and out-of-state students is currently $372 per unit. Please check with the Business Office for adjustments and/or refund policy. Health, medical, and food services are available at additional cost.

Open University students will be expected to adhere to a dress code while attending classes on campus, which consists of a collared shirt, long pants (or skirt/dress for women), and covered shoes. Students will not be permitted to class wearing shorts, tee shirts, sandals, or similar inappropriate attire.


  • Complete Section 1 of the Open University Registration Form in its entirety.
  • Complete Open University Fee Worksheet.
  • If registering for courses in person, submit completed forms to the Student Records Office for space availability and assessment of course units. Student will then be directed to the Student Accounts Office for payment of Open University fees. Upon payment of fees, return Registration Form to the Student Records Office for course registration. If registering for courses by mail or fax, send completed forms to the Student Records Office. Student will then be directed to make an online payment via Cash Net.
  • Please note that students will not be registered for courses until all fees are paid.


Registrar's Office
California Maritime Academy
200 Maritime Academy Drive
Vallejo, CA 94590
707-654-1200 (Office Phone Number)
707-654-1204 (Fax Number)

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cadet at chart table writing in log book


Apply for Fall 2017 for
International Business or 
Global Studies ASAP for
Remaining Spaces

Apply for Fall 2018 in
Oct. or Nov., 2017 for 
All other programs

Admission Process Deadlines

Admission Office Hours:

Mon-Fri 8am-5pm
except for the following
special days or holidays:

April 25 Through Aug. 22 -  Campus tours available, but:

   *Tours do not Include ship
  *No classes in session
  *No students on campus

May 29 - Memorial Day - School Closed
July 4   - Independence Day - School Closed
Aug 23 - New Student Orientation Begins
Aug 28 - Classes Begin

Sept. 4 - Labor Day - School Closed
Nov. 10 - Veterans Day - School Closed
Nov. 23-24 - Thanksgiving - School Closed
Dec. 16 - Last Day of Finals
Dec. 18-22 - School Open but No Classes
Dec. 25-Jan. 1 - Holiday Break - School Closed
Jan. 2-5 - School Open but No Classes
Jan. 8 - Classes Begin



Cal Maritime
Admission Office
200 Maritime Academy Dr.
Vallejo, CA 94590

Phone: 707-654-1330
Fax: 707-654-1336

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