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How do I become a Community Ambassador? 
In order to become a Community Ambassador to a Cal Maritime cadet, you must fill out the online Community Ambassador Application and submit it to the Community Ambassadors Club Office. Eligible applicants will be at least 28 years of age and live within a 25 miles radius of the Cal Maritime campus.  The Community Ambassadors Club Staff will process your application as quickly as possible, including a background check. Upon approval of your application, every effort will be made to match Community Ambassadors with the best possible cadet based on similar interests.

As a Community Ambassador what can I do for my cadet and what is expected from me? 
Community Ambassadors provide friendship, understanding and encouragement to incoming freshmen cadets during the demanding first year at the Academy. Community Ambassadors are meant to provide a local "family connection" for Cadets and should help cadets learn more about Vallejo so that they may experience the many positive aspects that the town, Solano County and the Bay Area have to offer. After applying, all Community Ambassadors will have a background check and undergo approximately 2 hours of training on campus.

What are my cadet's responsibilities?
Cadets are expected to act as mature adults and future Maritime Officers and Business Professionals. Only the highest standards of personal behavior, etiquette, and accountability are acceptable. Cadets are aware of the rules and policies to which they are subject and should not place a Community Ambassador in any pressured situations regarding campus rules. Cadets are also encouraged to keep Community Ambassadors involved in CMA activities and to express their appreciation for a Community Ambassador's generosity. 

Does the Community Ambassador Club only apply to incoming freshmen or can I remain matched with the same cadet until graduation?
The program is designed for incoming freshmen cadets only, however we realize and support the idea that many families may want to continue their relationship with their cadet until graduation.

What are the rules regarding cadets and alcohol?
California State Law prohibits the sale or consumption of alcoholic beverages to anyone under 21 years of age. This restriction extends to the cadets within a Community Ambassador's home. As a Community Ambassador, you must understand that the consequences for the consumption of alcohol are severe.

What are the rules regarding transportation of cadets?
Cadets are not authorized to have a vehicle on campus. They may ride in vehicles owned by authorized Community Ambassadors, staff and faculty members, and upper class cadets who are properly licensed and insured.

What should I do if I have a problem with my cadet?
Should you experience a problem with your cadet, please contact the Community Ambassadors Club Office at the California Maritime Academy. The CAC Office will be able to assist you in resolving any problem that might arise. The office phone number is (707) 654-1412.

Can I contact my cadet's parents?
We request that you do not contact your cadet's parents until your cadet has authorized you to do so. There will be an opportunity during Cadet Orientation at the end of August for you to meet your assigned cadet and their family. It is our hope that your cadet will become and extension of your family and that you will become an extension of theirs. However, we do encourage all involved to set boundaries and be clear about the extent of contact preferred.

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California Maritime Academy Community Ambassadors Club
200 Maritime Academy Drive
Vallejo, CA  94590


Community Ambassadors Club Coordinator:
JoEllen Myslik  707-654-1561