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Initial Issue Uniform Information


All incoming Cal Maritime students must purchase their Initial Issue Seabag through the Cal Maritime Bookstore. Cadets must be fitted for their uniforms preferably during the summer months of May through July. This ensures that the cadet's uniforms are ordered on time, the cadets are properly fitted according to their military size, and the uniforms are tailored correctly in time for pick-up on the first day of Orientation in August. Remember: we very strongly recommend cadets to come in for a summer fitting appointment to ensure all of your uniforms are ready by the first day of Orientation. If you need exemption or special accommodations please notify your Cal Maritime Bookstore immediately. A $500 non-refundable deposit is due by May 1, 2018 in order to begin processing your Initial Issue Uniform. From that deposit, $350 is applied to the Initial Issue Seabag and $150 is applied to Housing. This deposit is deducted from the total price of your Initial Issue Seabag and you pay for the remaining balance on Orientation Move-In Day when you pick up your Uniform Seabag.


Initial Issue Seabag Pricing: 2018


Below are the total price for the entire uniform for each major and gender, before tax. The highlighted portion is the remaining balance (this is less the amount of the deposit) that you must pay on Orientation Move-In Day when you pick up your Uniform Seabag .

  1. Marine Transportation Male: $1,732.00 (before tax); balance due on 13 August 2018: $1,877.05 (tax included)

  2. Marine Transportation Female: $1,611.00 (before tax); balance due on 13 August 2018: $1,745.92 (tax included)

  3. Engineering Male: $1,594.00 (before tax); balance due on 13 August 2018: $1,727.49 (tax included)

  4. Engineering Female: $1,523.00 (before tax); balance due on 13 August 2018: $1,650.55 (tax included)

  5. Business/Global Studies Male: $1,569.00 (before tax); balance due on 13 August 2018: $1,700.40 (tax included)

  6. Business/Global Studies Female: $1,448.00 (before tax); balance due on 13 August 2018: $1,569.27 (tax included)


Payment for the remaining balance of the Initial Issue Uniform Seabag is due on Orientation Move-In Day, 13 August 2018. Your uniform fee may be covered by Financial Aid or scholarship. However, Financial Aid will not be disbursed to you until the first week of classes. Without full payment of the remaining balance your uniforms cannot be ordered, tailored, or altered. This is why we strongly suggest that those who plan to use Financial Aid or scholarships to initially pay out-of-pocket in the Summer, then reimburse themselves later with Financial Aid or your scholarship in the Fall. If you are planning to use Financial Aid to cover your Initial Issue Uniform expenses, please contact the Financial Aid office immediately to confirm your Financial Aid availability.

We accept cash, debit/credit cards, and personal checks. The owner of the card or check needs to be present at the time of payment as part of our security measures against fraud. Please make checks payable to "Cal Maritime Bookstore." All prices subject to change without advance notice. 


Who to Contact


For admittance questions:
Cal Maritime Office of Admissions
200 Maritime Academy Drive
Vallejo, California 94590
For fitting appointments and uniform-related questions:
Cal Maritime Bookstore
2 Morrow Cove
Vallejo, California 94590
(707) 654-1186
email: bookstore@csum.edu


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