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Student Conduct System

Admission to a campus of the California State University carries with it the assumption of a sense of responsibility for the welfare of the community.  Also assumed are obligations on the part of each individual to respect the rights of others and to protect the Academy as a forum for the free expression of ideas.  Therefore, conduct, which violates California State University and/or California State University Maritime Academy policy, is considered a detriment to the learning environment and the members of the Academy.

California State University Maritime Academy, in accordance with the Maritime Administration's regulations governing Maritime Academies and The California Maritime Academy/California State University Transition Legislation is authorized to establish regulations and procedures to take disciplinary action against students in regards to such regulations.  The offenses, outlined in the Student Handbook, reflect misconduct of a serious nature indicating a failure on the part of a cadet to discharge their obligations to the Academy, those in a position of authority, the training ship, or fellow cadets.  Sanctions for conduct violations generally include warnings, demerits, extra-duty, community service, or other actions appropriate for the offense.

For information about the Discipline Standards and Procedures, refer to the appropriate sections in the Student Handbook, California State University Maritime Academy Student Disciplinary Standards and Procedures (click here for link to student handbook).

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