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Information for New Students

The first-year college experience is an exciting time in a young adult's life. It's the stepping-stone for everything that happens next. There is a lot for students to take in: learning the ins and outs of college life, making new friends, learning how to function within the Corps of Cadets, navigating the classroom and a rigorous academic curriculum, and thinking about the future. It can be very intimidating.

Freshman Living Learning Communities (LLCs) are designed to help students successfully transition into their first year at Cal Maritime, not only helping them stay in school but giving them an important foundation for their remaining college years.

LLCs bring students together based on their academic majors via their Corps of Cadets companies (Deck, Engine and Maritime Policy and Management). Cadets attend the same core classes, supporting each other inside and outside of the classroom through study groups and academic and social programming from the Residence Hall Officers (RHOs), Living Learning Community Mentors (LLCMs) and staff/faculty partners. Students will live in a socially supportive environment that is academically mindful and have access to dozens of potential study buddies in close quarters. Cadets will have increased accessibility to mentoring, networking and various opportunities that will contribute to their personal and academic growth and success.

Research says:

  • Students in LLCs report a much more rewarding and personally satisfying social climate in their living arrangements than do other residence hall students (Barnes, 1977).
  • Students in LLCs also tend to perform better academically than their counterparts in conventional residence halls (Pascarella and Terenzini, 2005).
  • Students in LLCs are often more involved, experience increased interactions and have higher intellectual development than students in traditional halls (Parker, 1999).

Living Learning Communities amplify the academic and personal benefits provided by on-campus housing and emphasizes a community atmosphere where everyone works together to build and develop a positive community that is not only fun, but also promotes academic success.

Freshman Interest Groups, or FIGs, are optional interest groups that students can join. These FIGs do not live together, however the staff and faculty partners will plan activities, meetings and events for the students involved in the FIGs. The FIGs for the 2015-2016 academic year are: Community Service/Engagement, Gaming, Women's Leadership, Fitness and Creative Arts. These FIGs are an opportunity for students to expand their social integration and be involved in extra-curricular activities catered to their interests.

We are excited for you to attend Cal Maritime and look forward to helping you on your path to being a well-rounded leader ready to take the next steps in your future.

 Check out below for some Frequently Asked Questions and our responses!


How and when will I receive my housing assignment?

This year, Cal Maritime is excited to announce the implementation of StarRez, and electronic assignment and communication software. All incoming students will receive an email to their Cal Maritime email account with information to access the Housing License Agreement in March. Once we have assigned your division, you will again be notified to go back into your StarRez account and select your roommate. 

Room Assignments for the 2017 - 2018 will be sent by August 1st. If you do not receive a room assignment by then please contact the Office of Residential Life at 707-654-1400 or housing@csum.edu. As per Cal Maritime policy all students are required to reside on campus unless previously approved to reside off campus. If you were not approved to reside off campus and did not recieve an assignment contact us!


The Residence Halls

California Maritime is a residential campus that houses approximately 720 students per year.   There are 4 Residence Halls located on the campus with each one offering a different experience.  All first time Cal Maritime students, regardless of age, previous academic history, transfer status, etc. are required to reside in Upper Residence Hall or aboar Training Ship Golden Bear (depending on degree path). To learn more about each of the Residence Halls click on the links below.

Do you have questions about what to bring or meal plans?  Want to know where you are living?  The links below should assist you with your questions:


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