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Principle Power Tour

On November 14, The Cal Maritime Collegiate Wind Competition Team visited Principle Power in Emeryville, CA.  Principle Power designs large offshore floating semi-submersible platforms to support large wind turbines in deep offshore waters, including the WindFloat (a model of which shown below).

Engineers at Principle showed the Cal Maritime CWC Team around the design office, gave a presentation of the company, and a marketing and design overview of the WindFloat, They also  gave advice to the Business Team about their CWC business plan which will involve offshore deployment of wind turbines.

From left to right:  Stefano Maffei, Matthew Leli, Jonah Grier, Bart Tammaro, Industry Advisor Al Germain, Daniel Neumaier, Faculty Advisor Tom Nordenholz, Principle Power Engineers Seth Price, Sriram Narayanan, Michael Walker, and Antoine Peiffer, Zach Thomas, Quentin Williams, and Adam Olm.




On February 10, 2018, Cal Maritime hosted the first ever Bay Area KidWind challenge, run by KidWind.org with US Department of Energy support.  Three local middle schools (Hogan from Vallejo, Prospect Sierra of El Cerrito, and Albany) and one high school (Fresno) competed.  Turbine designs ranged from modified kit designs provided by Vernier to completely homemade turbines. Turbines were tested in the Cal Maritime Collegiate Wind Tunnel.  Students from the Cal Maritime and CSU Chico Collegiate Wind Teams, along with others from other Cal Maritime engineering clubs, supported the event by advising and judging the students designs, installing their turbines to fit them in the tunnel, and leading tours of the Training Ship Golden Bear.  Prizes consisted of gold, silver, and bronze painted tower bolts from a decomissioned wind project.


Alumni/Industry Dinners


The Cal Maritime Team held two dinner banquets this year, one in November 2017, and one in March 2018, to network with wind industry professionals and Cal Maritime CWC Alumni, and to showcase their progress toward their CWC 2018 tasks.   Shown below are photos from the more recent (March 20) dinner. It started with the engineers discussing their test turbine test and showing demonstrations of performance in our wind tunnel.  It proceeded to dinner, followed by presentations of the Business Planning and Siting tasks.   Thank you alumni and industry friends for being there to support us! Also, thank you for Cal Maritime Advancement Office for supporting this event!











Engineering Team member Darlene Conolly demonstrates an early prototype of the Team's test turbine.












 Matt Leli, Stefano Maffei, Quentin Williams, Bart Tammaro, and Jonah Grier present the business plan











Siting Team Lydia Thanh, Dylan Sanchez, and Joe Phillips present their siting task to develop a 100 MW wind project north of the Sacramento Delta

eDF Shiloh Wind Tour

On April 5, eDF Renewables hosted us for a site visit at the Shiloh Wind Projects in the Solano Resource Area in the Montezuma Hills of Northern CA.  The Shiloh Wind Projects include 511.5 MW of installed capacity, including Senvion mm92 (2.05 MW) , GE 1.5 MW, Vestas V47 (660kW) , and some older US Windpower 56-100 (100kW) turbines.  Operations Manager Kirk Garlick and Site Manager Raul Nuno described the projects and answered our many questions about engineering, operations and maintenance, policy, siting, installation, and business aspects of wind turbines and projects.  Then they took us into the field where we inspected a GE 1.5 up close.  Thank you Kirk and Raul and the eDF Shiloh team for this highly insightful experience which helps us understand the context of our Competition tasks within the wind industry!










Site Manager Raul Nuno, Dylan Sanchez, Quentin Williams, Dan Neumaier, Joe Phillips, Lydia Thanh, Operations Manager Kirk Garlick


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