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Cal Maritime 2019-2020 Collegiate Wind Competition Team

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Team Bios

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Turbine Design Team

Samuel Rodriguez (Team Leader)

Sam joined the collegiate wind team as a junior with the goal of helping the engineering team with whatever he could. He quickly became a crucial member of the team, taking the responsibility of designing the Maritime team's first electronic speed controller that would run the turbine generator as a motor. Now, Sam is a senior mechanical engineering student and he is leading the engineering team as the project manager.  Last summer, he interned for Southland Industries, a design-build construction company. At Southland, Sam was able to work with an engineering team on multiple million-dollar construction projects. He hopes to take some of the techniques used to coordinate such large projects and apply them to the Maritime team. After graduation, Sam plans to use his experience from the CWC program to start a career in design in the renewable energy industry. In his spare time, Sam enjoys hiking, golfing, toying with electronics, or simply relaxing with close friends.

Trevor Brown

Trevor wants to see the world shift away from fossil fuels and towards clean energy sources to protect the environment. He came to Cal Maritime from San Diego, CA, looking for something completely different from the average college experience. With his mother hailing from Australia, Trevor sought to satisfy his need to see the world and maybe even return to Australia. He knew to pick mechanical engineering after working as a high school intern for a civil engineering office in San Diego where he quickly discovered he really didn't like civil engineering, or offices for that matter. Now entering his senior year as a mechanical engineering student, Trevor will be spearheading the design and manufacturing of the turbine's blades. He was originally drawn into the project his junior year because he saw it as an opportunity to potentially enter the renewable energy industry after finishing his degree. He spent his previous summer working for Hornblower's Special Projects Team, helping oversee construction of New York's newly developed ferry fleet. Taking the experience from working as a project coordinator and on the turbine project, Trevor hopes to work in the booming offshore renewable energy industry.

Forrest Eagle

I knew very little coming out of high school about the job I would pursue upon graduation from college, only that I wanted a lot of options.  I saw Cal Maritime as a place where I could earn my degree whilst simultaneously developing skills of a lucrative trade. I made the decision early on to follow the USCG license track option for my major, as it allowed me to practice my hand-on skills with machinery and work on my decision making and leadership capabilities. Sailing with Chevron Shipping Company on a 90 day internship I became interested in electrical power generation after overhauling the alternator and prime mover from one of our ship's diesel generators. My interest in power generation led me to join the CWC team where I will be undertaking the design and fabrication of the turbine's generator section. I joined the team knowing this was an interdisciplinary project with a lot of considerations outside of the engineering field, an experience that would make me a better candidate for this industry upon graduation. Although my experience with clean energy generation systems is limited, I believe this experience will help me to achieve my goal of someday working on designing energy generation equipment, particularly in the realm of wind or ocean projects.

Andres Vargas

Andres Vargas is a senior Mechanical Engineering student from Wilmington, CA. While in the process of obtaining his ME degree, he is also pursuing a 3rd Assistant Engineer USCG License. With this, he has learned the fundamentals of engineering while also getting hands-on training in marine engine rooms. Andres spent his summer on board a commercial vessel, where he assisted the Engineering Department in working on electronics, control systems, and automation systems. He plans on applying this experience in designing the wind turbine's electronic and control system. From Cal Maritime's wide network and his participation in the Collegiate Wind Competition, Andres hopes to enter the ‘renewable energy' field.


Project Development Team

John Wang (Team Leader - Siting)

John is a senior Facilities Engineering Technology student from Fremont, CA. John originally joined to learn more about the renewable energy industry but has found a passion in engaging with others to achieve a similar goal. Currently, as a team lead for the siting team, he hopes to continue to expose new students to Collegiate Wind Competition and the renewable energy industry.

Paul Lambert (Team Leader - Finance)

Having interned at several companies around the Bay Area, Paul was originally drawn to the Wind Team so he could hone his financial and project management skills. Now, as a returning member, he appreciates the team's value not just as a place where one can become more familiar with unique facets of wind energy, but also as an interdisciplinary organization where students at CSU Maritime can come together to work on something that benefits the reputation of the university. After graduation, Paul would like to get his MBA before working in either the renewable energy or software management industry.

Diana Martinez Camacho

Diana grew up in a small town near Fresno, CA. She is currently in her junior year at CSU, Maritime Academy pursuing a degree in International Business and Logistics'. This summer she participated in a study abroad program and interned with Laura Torr Consultancy in Barcelona, Spain. Her internship focused on the maritime industry with an emphasis on the yacht sector. The environment's health as a whole has intrigued her since she was in her elementary days. Because of this curiosity, she joined the wind energy team last year as a sophomore to learn more about the renewable wind energy and the industry surrounding it as she shadowed the upperclassmen. Now as a junior she hopes to thoroughly engage herself in the business aspect of the team and continue her involvement in researching and the utilization of renewable energy to make the world a little better place.


Faculty Bios

Principal Investigator: Dr. Thomas Nordenholz (Mechanical Engineering)

tnordenholz@csum.edu | (707)654-1114


 Dr. Nordenholz has been a Cal Maritime ME faculty member for 20 years.  He has taught courses mostly in the mechanics area (statics, dynamics, mechanics of materials, vibrations, fluid mechanics, and material/mechanical laboratory).  He has also developed and teaches lecture and lab courses in energy engineering including theory, experiments, and issues with wind. He has conducted DOE-funded research on the design of a large scale offshore wind turbine rotor.   Dr. Nordenholz has been the PI and engineering faculty advisor for the CWC each year since its inaugural year in 2014.   

Project Role: Dr. Nordenholz is the Principal Investigator and lead faculty advisor for the Cal Maritime Team.  In addition, he manages and advises the Engineering Team in the design, fabrication, and testing of the test turbine, including engineering support for the Business and Siting Groups, and advising the Team about wind energy issues in general.



Electronics Adviser: Dr. Evan Chang-Siu (Engineering Technology)

echangsiu@csum.edu | (707)654-1155

 Dr. Chang-Siu, an ME graduate from the MSC lab and CiBER at UC Berkeley in 2013, has been a faculty member in the Engineering Technology Department at Cal Maritime since 2014.  He has been teaching courses in electrical circuits, electrical motors and machinery, and electronics.  Dr. Chang-Siu's courses involve significant design and fabrication projects in motors and electronics and he has lots of experience with fabrication and testing of electronic and electromechanical components.  He is also spearheading the effort to create and fund a Maker Space on the campus. 

Project Role:  Dr. Chang-Siu advises the Engineering Team on the design, fabrication, and testing of the electronics for the test turbine.




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