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Cal Maritime 2017-2018 Collegiate Wind Competition Team




Team Bios

Engineering Team


Quentin Williams

 Quentin's passion for renewable energy started when he worked as an apprentice electrician during the construction of the Topaz Solar Farm, a 550 MW solar power plant in San Luis Obispo, CA. Thereafter, he was a lead installer and engineering technician at a large residential and commercial solar installation company. Now a senior in Cal Maritime's mechanical engineering program, Quentin will be using his passions for mechanical design and manufacturing processes to design and manufacture the test turbine drive train and hub assembly. As a resident of California, Quentin sees massive wind energy potential off the California coast. Although there may be many challenges to initiating an offshore wind energy project that include a diverse stakeholder group, Quentin believes he could be in the right place and right time to help contribute to an offshore wind energy boom off the California coast. In his spare time, Quentin enjoys surfing, camping, tinkering, and playing beach volleyball.




Darlene Conolly

Darlene came to Cal Maritime three years ago passionate about finding a new career in mechanical engineering. Darlene chose Cal Maritime for its diverse mechanical engineering program: a combination of rigorous theoretical engineering courses and hands-on training. Darlene previously worked as an associate editor for Surfline, a media company and website that specializes in surf forecasting, beach web cams, surf reports as well as surf news and photography. Darlene is observant and incredibly meticulous: a skillset that will be needed to design the wind turbine blades and architect the power electronics control system. Last summer, Darlene interned on the R/V Roger Revelle, a research vessel operated by the University of California, San Diego Scripps Institution of Oceanography, helping launch and monitor the ship's research instruments. Now a senior graduating in 2018, Darlene hopes to integrate her mechanical engineering education and maritime experience by getting involved with an oceanographic research institute that designs and fabricates ROVs (remotely operated vehicles) or AUVs (autonomous underwater vehicles). In Darlene's spare time, she enjoys surfing, adventuring, and walking her dog, Bertie.




Daniel Neumaier

 Daniel S. Neumaier is a passionate builder and maker. Now in his senior year of the Cal Maritime Mechanical Engineering program, he intends to use those passions to help the engineering team design and build the power electronics and control system of the test turbine. Daniel chose Cal Maritime for its unique hands-on education and emphasis on power engineering. Last summer, Daniel interned at the University of California, San Francisco Ganley Lab in the neurology department where designed and built prototype devices for stroke rehabilitation and research. This research experience combined with his previous career of working in hands-on construction give Daniel a blend of skillsets. After graduation, Daniel sees himself happily working as a field engineer in the energy industry, or as an engineering technician at a lab devoted to energy research, such as the National Renewable Energy Lab.




Adam Olm


 Adam Olm grew up ten miles from the Cal Maritime campus in Benicia, CA. The story goes that when asked as a fifth grader what he wants to do when he grows up, he was quoted saying he wanted to go to Cal Maritime and become a mechanical engineer. Now in his senior year, Adam is using his mechanical engineering education to design and manufacture the wind turbine blades on the test turbine. Adam was drawn to the CWC because of the opportunity to work on an interdisciplinary project that involves students from three different majors at his school: Mechanical Engineering, International Business and Logistics, and Global Studies & Maritime Affairs. Adam believes that project experience like the CWC will help him gain skills needed for an engineering position post-graduation. After fulfilling the prophecy he stated as a fifth grader, Adam would like to work as a mechanical engineer designing HVAC systems in commercial buildings. When Adam is not studying and working part-time, he enjoys to garden and play the fiddle in a small musical trio.

Zachary Thomas

Zachary is a senior Marine Engineering Technology student from Chico, CA. Through the MET program at CSU Maritime Academy, Zachary has acquired over 180 days of engine room experience aboard large ocean going vessels. Through his experiences, he has acquired a passion for electronics and controls, which he will use to help the engineering team design and build the power electronics on the test turbine. After graduation, Zachary would like to use his Third Assistant Engineer's license to work on a sea going vessel like a tanker or container ship. In Zachary's spare time, he enjoys swimming competitively, surfing, and diving.



Siting Team


Dylan Sanchez

Whether it's by proxy of the Speech and Debate Club, Corps of Cadets or Associated Students of California Maritime Academy, Dylan takes pride in representing the interests of Cal Maritime students. He chose to attend Cal Maritime for its propensity to challenge students in being accountable, a quality that he considers essential to a successful career in public service and policy. As a collegiate debate national champion, Dylan's honed public speaking skills make him invaluable to the CWC team in that he offers the expertise necessary to developing and marketing a compelling wind energy product. Additionally, Dylan believes renewable energy sources, particularly wind and solar, are vital to our future, on a global scale, if we intend to sustain our current standard of living. Outside of school, Dylan stays active by skateboarding, surfing, shooting 35mm film, backpacking and playing guitar.




 Joseph Phillips

A self-described public policy junkie, Joe is passionate about furthering the application of renewable energy. Upon completing the GSMA program and the International Business minor, he hopes to earn a master's degree in either business administration or public policy, with the aspiration to advance the responsible use of the world's oceans and resources. Joe's success in Speech and Debate, along with the fact that he's a transfer student, allow him to contribute valuable life and work experience to the CWC team. As Joe calls Baton Rouge, LA home, he is a proud fan of the New Orleans Saints and LSU football.





Business Team


Jonah Grier

During his freshman year at Cal Maritime, Jonah took a course in Environmental Law. While the course focused primarily on environmental and safety laws pertaining to businesses and corporations, Jonah walked away from the class with an understanding of how the global environmental impact of fossil fuels is demanding the rise of renewable energy technology. So when he learned about our school's involvement with the Collegiate Wind Competition, Jonah saw joining the business team as an opportunity to learn more about the future of the US energy market. In addition to his busy academic schedule, Jonah plays on the Cal Maritime Men's Varsity Soccer Team and enjoys scuba diving, sailing and traveling.

Stefano Maffei

 From a young age, Stefano has been an avid enthusiast of aviation. Since the maritime and aviation industries overlap in many ways, this interest led him to enroll at Cal Maritime as a mechanical engineering student. Although Stefano later found a home in the IBL program, his background in engineering serves to bolster the dynamic makeup of the business team. As someone who's always willing to listen, learn and interact with others, Stefano is natural-born networker, a skill that is not easily learned and will ultimately prove critical to the business team's success. Once Stefano graduates, he intends to enter the aviation field and, ideally, become a pilot.





Matthew Leli

 The unique emphasis on logistics and maritime industries provided by the Cal Maritime business program initially drew Matthew to enroll at Cal Maritime. So in order to deepen his familiarity with the logistics and maritime industries, Matthew interned with Matson during the summer of 2017. Matthew decided to join the CWC team this year in order to gain the hands-on experience of collaborating with people who utilize their diverse range of skills to achieve a common goal. In his succinct words, "Everything in the real world is multi-disciplinary." Matthew is also excited to partake in a project that aims to produce a tangible, applicable product by merging the tasks of creating a viable business plan with engineering a wind turbine.





Bartlett Tamarro

In addition to the opportunity to gain access to the niche maritime industry, Bart chose to attend Cal Maritime for its small class sizes and tight-knit campus community. So as someone who values small group dynamic, Bart makes for a valuable member of the CWC business team. In addition, Bart has a long held interest in the renewable energy market and views this project as a way to learn about the future of renewables. With rivers, forests and mountains at his doorstep while growing up in Spokane, WA, it's no surprise that Bart loves just about any outdoor activity, whether it's fishing, surfing, hiking or swimming. Bart also plays on Cal Maritime's Men's Soccer Team.








Faculty Bios

Principal Investigator: Dr. Thomas Nordenholz (Mechanical Engineering)



 Dr. Nordenholz has been a Cal Maritime ME faculty member for 20 years.  He has taught courses mostly in the mechanics area (statics, dynamics, mechanics of materials, vibrations, fluid mechanics, and material/mechanical laboratory).  He has also developed and teaches lecture and lab courses in energy engineering including theory, experiments, and issues with wind. He has conducted DOE-funded research on the design of a large scale offshore wind turbine rotor.   Dr. Nordenholz has been the PI and engineering faculty advisor for the CWC each year since its inaugural year in 2014.   

Project Role: Dr. Nordenholz is the Principal Investigator and lead faculty advisor for the Cal Maritime Team.  In addition, he manages and advises the Engineering Team in the design, fabrication, and testing of the test turbine, including engineering support for the Business and Siting Groups, and advising the Team about wind energy issues in general.




Co-PI: Dr. Tony Lewis (International Business and Logistics) 


 Since joining Cal Maritime in August 2013, Dr. Lewis has taught courses in management, international business, and entrepreneurship. He focuses his research on employee retention issues and business education pedagogy. Dr. Lewis has extensive experience working with entrepreneurial startup firms.  He worked as a researcher at a Small Business Development Center (SBDC) for two years while pursuing his MBA.  After completing the MBA program, he accepted a full-time position with the SBDC before taking a management position with an SBDC client firm to advise them through their startup phase.  Dr. Lewis has created full business plans and financial projections for dozens of firms ranging in complexity from small-scale restaurants to large-scale production facilities.
Project Role: Dr. Lewis manages and advises the Business Team in their completion of the Business Plan.




Co-PI: Dr. Ryan Dudley Wade (Global Studies and Maritime Affairs)



 Dr. Dudley Wade joined the Cal Maritime faculty in Fall 2006, and has recently focused his teaching on domestic and international maritime and energy policy, including US Maritime Policy, International Maritime Organizations, Geopolitics of Energy, Ocean Politics, Ocean Environmental Management, Maritime California, and Marine Planning. He is also developing a new program in Coastal and Marine Spatial Planning. Dr. Dudley Wade was the Co-PI and advisor for the Deployment Group for the 2016 CWC.

  Project Role:  Dr. Dudley Wade manages and advises the Siting Team in their completion of the Siting tasks







Electronics Adviser: Dr. Evan Chang-Siu (Engineering Technology)




 Dr. Chang-Siu, an ME graduate from the MSC lab and CiBER at UC Berkeley in 2013, has been a faculty member in the Engineering Technology Department at Cal Maritime since 2014.  He has been teaching courses in electrical circuits, electrical motors and machinery, and electronics.  Dr. Chang-Siu's courses involve significant design and fabrication projects in motors and electronics and he has lots of experience with fabrication and testing of electronic and electromechanical components.  He is also spearheading the effort to create and fund a Maker Space on the campus. 

Project Role:  Dr. Chang-Siu advises the Engineering Team on the design, fabrication, and testing of the electronics for the test turbine.




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