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Dr. Colin Dewey began his career at sea in the U.S. Coast Guard. After completing his tour he sailed as A.B. Seaman in tankers, container ships, breakbulk vessels, and offshore tug boats. He was employed by the San Francisco Bar Pilots from 1991-2000, where he became captain of the offshore pilot vessel California.

Since then, his academic work as a student and researcher at Berkeley and Cornell was supported by fellowships from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, the Society for the Humanities at Cornell, and the National Endowment for the Humanities. The faculty of Cal Maritime selected him for the Distinguished Teaching Award for 2014-15, and an "Educational Experience Enhancement" award with course release for providing outstanding service to students.

Dr. Dewey is Executive Secretary of the Melville Society, and has been a digital humanities editor at the Melville Electronic Library.

He holds a license as Master, Steam or Motor Vessels of 200 tons (US) and Mate 1600 tons (US) and is a member of the Nautical Institute, and the Sailors' Union of the Pacific.

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Colin Dewey

Office: FAC-215



Paths That Shine: Nantucket and the Essex, with Nathaniel Philbrick, Tristram Coffin Dammin, Colin Dewey, Peggy Goodwin. Directed by Ben Cortes, Director of Photography Derek Knowles. Courtyard Films, 2015.

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