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 Culture and Communication faculty design and teach courses in many areas of literature: from classical Greek and Roman texts (in translation) to Romantic poetry, great American novels to 21st-century anglophone texts.  Our professors come from a wide range of scholarly and disciplinary backgrounds, and each brings a unique perspective to to the literature classroom.  Some courses are specifically oceanic or maritime in focus, and some are designed around more terrestrial concerns. All of our literature courses are designed for general readers, with particular attention to the needs and interests of Cal Maritime students.

Courses in Literature:

EGL 200 Introduction to Literature

EGL 305 Twentieth-Century American Literature

EGL 310 U.S. Literature of the Sea

EGL 315 World Literature of the Sea

EGL 320 Literature of the Fantastic

EGL 325 Creative Writing

EGL 330 Literature and Psychology

Great Books

Literature and Technology



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NEW Courses! These courses coming soon.

Working titles with faculty designing the new offerings:

Environmental Literature (Julie Chisholm)

Literature and Philosophy (Sarah Senk)

Literature of the Port (Amy Parsons)

British Literature of the Sea (Colin Dewey)

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