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Culture and Communication Award

for Excellence in Writing

The Department of Culture and Communication selects two exemplary student writers each year, one from an upper division and one from a lower division course, to receive the C&C Award for Exellence in Writing.

The awards are announced at the Outstanding Student awards ceremony in the Spring. All awards come with a certificate and small prize for the winning cadets.  These prizes are 100% funded by donations from C&C faculty. If you would like to donate to the award fund, click the image below, and specify "C&C Writing Awards." THANK YOU!!!

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2017 Writing awards Announced!

C&C Writing awards go to Forrest Eagle and Jazmin Silvestri!


Forrest (left) wrote, "Congratulations! You Have a New Missed Connection" in  EGL100 (English Composition).

Jazmin (right) wrote,  "The 'Female Ethos' in Persuasion and Ultramarine"in  EGL315 (World Lit of the Sea).

Writing Award recipients for 2016

For Outstanding Writing in a Lower-Division Course: Donovan Shackleford, "The Enslavement of the Scrivener and the Creature," EGL-200, Introduction to Literature.

For Outstanding Writing in an Upper-Division Course: Ryan O'Dell, "Integrative Essay," EGL-310, U.S. Literature of the Sea.

Special Mention for Excellence in Writing: John Halstead, "Death of a Child" CSL-210, Dying: The Final Stage of Living














Writing Award recipients for 2015


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