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Leadership Development

A traditional ship's wheel is the graphical representation of the ELDP. The wheel is comprised of eight spokes, or handles, each representing an important component of each cadet's living and learning experience while attending Cal Maritime.  Each cadet will reach a fundamental or foundational level of leadership training, education and experience through each of the eight areas. During their tenure at the Academy, additional leadership opportunities will be available for the cadets to pursue higher levels of leadership experiences through one or more of these areas, depending on the student's personal interests, strengths and abilities.  As the students progress though the program, they may earn certificates in Leadership at the "Honors" and "Highest Honors" levels, in a manner similar to academic achievements of summa and magna cum laude.   

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Academics Student Development and Career Services Campus Involvement Health and Wellness Corps of Cadets Experiential Learning Community Involvement Residential and Off Campus Life


The ELDP is designed to integrate with and complement the academic programs at Cal Maritime. As such, the academic programs will provide practical, experiential and theoretical learning opportunities within and across majors at the lower and upper-division course levels. Academic Programs outside the traditional classroom such as CSU Student Exchange Programs, the Panetta Institute and the Mystic – Williams programs provide additional areas of leadership development.

Student Development and Career Services

The area of student development and career services will provide training and leadership education opportunities in the areas of conduct and judicial affairs as well as career placement and enhancement. Examples of these will be preparing cadets to run and determine responsibility in student conduct issues, preparation for company co-ops and commercial cruise experiences, and job searching and interviewing techniques.  

Campus Involvement

Leadership opportunities in this area will focus on student and campus governance and stewardship. Students will learn and perform business and management skills while working with the ASCMA (Associated Students), campus clubs and organizations, campus governance committees and the campus stewardship program.

Health and Wellness

In this area, students will be introduced to, and develop peer teaching opportunities of, the positive effects of a healthy life-style. Subject matter will be varied and include topics regarding choices, alcohol and other drug use and abuse, relationships, physical and emotional balance in professional and personal life.

Corps of Cadets

The Corps of Cadets is the most obvious and unique aspect of campus life relative to any other California State University campus.   Because every undergraduate student is required to participate in the Corps of Cadets, it is clearly the common shared experience of all cadets.  High expectations are placed on each cadet regarding accountability, punctuality, uniform and grooming standards, conduct and disciplinary regulations.  In addition, the Corps offers practical leadership and training opportunities during a cadet's tenure to develop traits of professionalism, teamwork, pride, and self-discipline to become future leaders in maritime and other industries. 

Experiential Learning

Cal Maritime cadets must all participate in academic and extra-curricular experiential learning opportunities throughout their careers on campus. This area will focus primarily on the leadership and learning opportunities for the cadets through their practical business (Co-op) experiences both domestic and abroad through cruises on the Golden Bear, commercial merchant vessels and faculty led International experience.

Community Involvement

Cal Maritime Cadets are ambassadors to and throughout the community in many ways. Whether it is through intercollegiate athletics, community service learning, military training programs or representing the Academy at local state and national organizations and government offices, cadets have opportunities to gain leadership skills working alongside leaders and organizations both on and off campus.

Residential and Off-Campus Life

Programs in Residential Life add to the success of our students in knowing themselves and bringing out self-discipline qualities needed to be a leader. Programs include many aspects of college life and personal growth, including living within a community successfully, managing time and stress, and separate programs specifically catered to first year and returning students. More advanced leadership opportunities exist in the residence halls for Residence Hall Officers commonly referred to as Resident Assistants.  Additional programing is available for students meeting special requirements for living off campus which include subjects such as off-campus citizenship and programing with landlords and neighbors. 

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