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Faculty Development

Faculty development needs fall generally into three categories:

1) the generation of research;
2) the dissemination of research; and
3) the professional development necessary to advance the expertise of the faculty member.

Cal Maritime supports these endeavors through a variety of funding opportunities. Brief descriptions and links to specific applications are below.  Detailed descriptions, processes and criteria are found in Descriptions of Faculty Development Funds (2019-20).

CSU Research, Scholarly and Creative Activities Award Program (RSCA Funds)

Supports research, scholarly, and creative activity of faculty. Award Description. Online application deadline for the 2019-20 fiscal year is November 6, 2019.

Apply via InfoReady at: https://csum.infoready4.com/#manageCompetitionsDetail/1798899

Department Faculty Development Funds

​During the fall semester, faculty, including the librarian/faculty and coaching faculty, can apply for Department Faculty Development Funds through their respective departments.  Faculty should submit their application to their Department Chair, or Library Dean in the case of the librarians, or Athletic Director in the case of coaching faculty.  Application for Department Faculty Development Funds.

Academy-Wide Faculty Development Funds

​When Department Faculty Development Funds have been completely earmarked, faculty can apply for Academy-Wide Faculty Development Funds by submitting an Application for Academy-Wide Faculty Development Funds to the Academic Support Coordinator, noting the following deadlines:

Fall 2019 deadline: Nov. 4, 2019

Spring 2020 deadlines: Jan. 13, Feb. 24, Apr. 6, 2020

Professional Faculty Development Funds

Faculty members seeking money for professional development (skills development, professional competencies, pedagogical enhancement, curriculum redesign, etc.) are encouraged to apply through the Professional Development Fund. Application deadline is January 31, with work to be completed by June 30. Application for Professional Faculty Development Funds.

Class of 1965 Memorial Endowment

Funds are available for faculty who have an activity that aligns with the endowment purpose: "To motivate, recognize, and promote professionalism and safety in the maritime industry.  The fund will allow qualifying cadets and faculty to attend industry conferences and seminars to improve their professional skills and understanding of the industry." Submit an Application for Class of 1965 Memorial Endowment Funds to the Academic Support Coordinator. Applications are accepted anytime during the academic year but the funds must be used before June 30th.   The Faculty Development Committee reviews the application and makes their recommendation to the Library Dean. The Library Dean, after consulting with the Vice President of Advancement, makes the final decisions on the awards.  Successful recipients will also have to file a brief account of how the monies were spent with Advancement for their Annual Stewardship Report.

Faculty Maritime Fund Grant

Up to $500/grant that can be used to meet a variety of academic needs such as the purchase of specialized equipment and computer programs, project funding, conferences, stipends to hire assistants, etc. Applications may be submitted at any time to Robert Arp, Vice President for University Advancement.   Faculty Maritime Fund Grant application.

Instructionally Related Activities Grant

IRA application

IRA description and FAQ

President's Mission Achievement Grant

The President's Mission Achievement Grant (PMAG) provides funding for faculty who seek to engage in activities that advance Cal Maritime's strategic plan and support the Academy's mission. Qualifying proposals may receive up to $5,000 and are awarded annually during the Spring semester. Any proposal that addresses one or more of the campus strategic goals and objectives will be considered; however, priority will be given to those that directly support the goals and objectives of the Academic Master Plan.

Applications are due Monday, April 6, 2020. Submit to sbrito@csum.edu.

PMAG description and application process

PMAG application

Travel Forms and Information

  • Travel Authorization Form - All travel expenses must be preapproved by both the Library Dean and appropriate School Dean. Please complete and submit this Travel Authorization form after your application has been approved and before traveling.
  • Travel Claim Form - for reimbursement for travel expenses, lodging, meals and incidental costs, submitted after travel is complete.

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For Faculty Development Questions Contact:

Michele Van Hoeck
Dean of the Library & Learning Services

Nipoli Kamdar
Faculty Development Coordinator
Chair, Intl. Business & Logistics

Sianna Brito
Academic Support Coordinator

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