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Accounts and Passwords

Account Names

Windows accounts (consisting of a unique username and a password) are used at Cal Maritime to logon to a domain (students use the username@csum.edu whereas faculty and staff use the MARITIME domain).  In most cases, an account name consists of the individuals first initial immediately by his/her last name.  The account name, password and domain are used to logon to various Cal Maritime services (such as email, Moodle, and Peoplesoft).

How to Change Your Password


In an effort to help you enroll in this new Password Reset Tool. Please see the videos.

https://www.dropbox.com/s/fo9juipa4x3rgar/Portal_Guard_Config.mp4?dl=0     (No Sound)

https://www.dropbox.com/s/9agdszqzl08y2lg/PG_password_change.mp4?dl=0      (No Sound)

Please remember to use full username (cadets) or Maritime (Faculty & Staff) domain name before your username.

Ex: Students:


For Faculty & Staff


Password: [Your Network Password]

This new way of logging will enhance your login experience, enable you to have control of your user account, and help protect your identity. You can use this tool to change your password or to unlock your account.

For assistance with account-related problems, please contact the Help Desk.


Password Related Information



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