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June 2012

Ø  To facilitate the Computer Refresh process, a survey is provided to determine the priority and eligibility of your current computer

Ø  A physical inventory was conducted but we need to validate the accuracy against our inventory and that each computer is being accounted for 

Ø  The survey will include: User Profile, Computer Information and Training Needs

Ø  If you own more than one computer (desktop and laptop not including iPads) or have designated computers in your department, please fill out an additional survey (one survey per computer)

Ø  A survey is not necessary for the computers in the Labs

Ø  The survey should take less than 5 minutes

SURVEY: Submit by July 6, 2012            

To begin the survey <click here>

If you have questions regarding the survey or timelines for completion, please call the HelpDesk at (707) 654-1048. If you are not available or do not have access to your computer, you can submit the survey when you can.


<Click here for more details>


Based on the physical inventory and the survey, computers that are older than 4 years old or the condition of your current computer will be refreshed.  We can determine the age of the computer based on the Make, Model and Asset Tag. 

Phase I:   All computers in the labs that have been identified will be refreshed (July 2012)

Phase II:  Staff and Faculty computers who are on campus during the summer (July – August 2012)

Phase III: Remaining Faculty and Staff computers returning for Fall 2013 and any outstanding computers that were not refreshed in Phase II (August – December 2012)

*Please note:  We plan to refresh all eligible computers by December 2012.


The computer labs will be the first priority. Then we will proceed with the computers that are older than 4 years. However, computers less than 4 years old will be considered for replacement if the computer's condition is deemed to be unacceptable after being evaluated by IT. So it is important that you fill out the survey promptly regardless how old your computer is.


Once we receive your response and determine your eligibility, we will send you an email to schedule a day and time to replace your computer.  Make sure you remove all unnecessary files before you hand over your computer to IT.  You must be present during the first part of your scheduled appointment because you need to login for the IT technician so he can confirm the transfer of files, the installation of appropriate software and the mapping of shared drives and printers. Please note there will be a 2-4 hour downtime during this migration process. 


Since the new computers will be loaded with the Windows 7 and Microsoft Office 2007, training will be provided for those who are not familiar with the new version.  Please indicate on the survey which method of training you prefer.


Do not reply to this email. Please enter any comments, questions and concerns you have regarding the computer refresh in the survey or contact the HelpDesk at (707) 654-1048. Please indicate if you have immediate needs as this will help us in the prioritization process.

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