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July 2012

Your computer qualifies for a refresh.  Please contact the HelpDesk to schedule a time to replace your computer.  There will be approximately 2 hours of downtime.  In some cases, it may take longer depending on what is currently stored on your computer. 

<Click here for more details on the Refresh>

Be prepared:             

Ø  Make sure work related files are stored on your computer.  Please move your personal files (photos, documents, music, etc) to an external media (flash drive, external drive)

Ø  In preparation for Office 365, you will need to clean up your email and archive your old emails.  HelpDesk will assist you with this task.

replacement of CURRENT COMPUTER:

Technician will work closely with you to ensure all your files and data is transferred. Your hard drive on your old computer will be wiped out. You will need to acknowledge that all applications are working, files were transferred, printers and shared drives are mapped before signing off on it. IT cannot be held accountable for files that were forgotten or missed.


If you require instructor led training, it will not be available until later. Atomic Learning is a tool that we use to train users.  It is very intuitive and the videos are very thorough.  You can go at your own pace to learn each feature of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook, Access, PowerPoint).  We can also provide a one-on-one session if necessary.

Ø  Go to http://www.atomiclearning.com/highed/

Ø  Click on the button located on the top of the page

Ø  Login with your Cal Maritime email addresses

Ø  Contact HelpDesk for the password


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