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Microsoft Office 365

Office 365 provides several great services hosted by Microsoft in their highly secure and redundant data center. The services include:

·         Exchange Online: this is the same as previous on-campus Exchange service but it is hosted by Microsoft in the cloud. It complies with the strictest industry standards for security, high availability, and backup/recovery of services. Plus you get 50 GB for email storage.

·         MS Office: with our subscription to Office 365 you are eligible to download and use up to 5 copies of Microsoft Office 365 (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Outlook) on your personally-owned computing devices.  Do not install your download licenses on your Cal Maritime owned computer as that is already provided and maintained by IT.

Access your Email in one of the following ways:

1.       Click on the Office 365 Email link in the left navigation window once you've logged into myCalMaritime

2.       From Outlook pre-configured on your work computer

3.       From your iPhone or Android phone

4.       Sign in to the Office 365 Portal directly using your Cal Maritime email address and password

Office 365 offers the following additional services

1.       Access to 5 copies of Microsoft Office that you can install to your devices[1]

Other useful links


Download and install Office 365 and Setup Email for iPhone, Android, Windows, and Mac
Additional Email support is available: OWA Quick Start Guide
Additional Office 365 support is available: Offoce 365 training, videos, and tutorials

Setup Office 365 on:


Android Phone



Windows Phone

PC/Notebook - Mac


Setup Email on Smartphones:


Android Phone



Windows Phone

Other Devices


Office 365 Documentation

Links to MS Support

Office 365                  One Drive FAQ

Using Office Online in OneDrive

Top 4 Questions

Top Issue #1 – I can't get my smartphone to sync to my university email account

First you need to remove/delete your existing Cal Maritime university Exchange email profile on your phone

Top Issue #2 – Always log out when you are done with your Office 365 session!

  • Once logged in to the university Office 365 portal it is very important that you log out when you are done with your session or else your session stays logged in
  • To log out click on your account profile icon on the top-right corner of your portal page and then click "Sign Out"

Top Issue #3 – Do NOT reset your password using Office 365 Password Reset Link within Office 365

  • When you log in to the Office 365 portal do not use the link shown below that says "Can't access your account?" instead use  https://password.csum.edu

Your log in account is based on the Active Directory (AD) and myCalMaritime account from the home page. If you need to change/recover your password use the Password Reset Tool.

Top Issue #4 – Accessing your email from the Office 365 portal or from myCalMaritime portal

If you just need to access your email go to https://portal.office.com click on Outlook; or log into the myCalMaritime portal and click on Office 365 Mail.

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Office 365 Commonly Asked Questions

What does Office 365 provide?

  • 50 GB of email storage in the cloud
  • Access to five copies of MS Office downloads for personal use (as long as you are an employee of Cal Maritime)
  • Use of Dropbox for Education Cloud File Shares & to edit files in the cloud.
  • Cal Maritime Office 365  provides  backup and recovery services from Microsoft.

How do I access the Office 365 portal?

  • From MS Outlook on your work computer – No change as your account will automatically point to the new Exchange server in the cloud (IT will assist as needed)
  • From MS Outlook on your personal computer – You will need to create your Outlook Profile on your personal computer using your credentials. You can access instructions from Microsoft Technical Support by clicking on this link.
  • From your browser – If you use your browser to access Cal Maritime Outlook Web Application (OWA) you can use the Office 365 link   which is also on the portal ( you will be redirected to Office 365)
  • From your browser - You can also click on this link and save it in your browser Favorites.

How do I find my Calendar in the Office 365 Portal?

  • Office 365 Email does not have the calendar function built-in the way the your used to seeing in Outlook Web Access (OWA) or MS Outlook on your desktop.  To get to your calendar when logged in through the portal go to the Apps icon and select "Calendar" as shown here:

How do I get the registration codes for Office 365?

  • MS Office 365 downloads do not require any registration codes as they are downloaded from your Office 365 portal account (click here for instructions).

If you have any questions or problems, please contact the IT Help Desk at (707) 654-1048.

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Additional Resources

Office 365 User Guide


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