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Spyware (Malware)

Malware (often called Spyware) is known to cause a variety of strange behaviors manifest in many computer applications. 

Examples of Spyware Symptoms:

  • You attempt to access Cal Maritime's home page, Moodle or a page inside of Moodle and get a "You Are Not Authorized to View This Page" error.
  • You attempt to access the portal login page or Moodle login page but you get redirected to a search page.
  • Browser Hijacking occurs when you attempt to reach a particular page and you are redirected somewhere else. Another symptom is when your default browser home page gets changed without your knowledge.
  • Excessive popup advertising windows.
  • Printing problems
  • The computer runs increasingly slower or seems bogged down.

Resource Tools/Links:

How to Remove Spyware

Spybot Search & Destroy


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