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The purpose of this committee is to advise the Vice President of Student Affairs on issues concerning alcohol, tobacco and other drugs involving the campus and surrounding community in which Cal Maritime students, staff, and faculty live and work. This may include policy issues, health promotion programming, research, data and assessment, availability of clinical services, and surrounding community issues such as location of alcoholic beverage establishments, medical marijuana dispensaries, etc.


Psychologist; students appointed by Associated Students of the California Maritime Academy, The Corps, Housing, and Peer Health; Director, Student Health Services; community member(s); On-campus representatives from Campus Police, Athletics, Housing, Commandant's Office, Student Development and Career Services, and Academic Affairs; Others by appointment from the committee



Members (2015-16)

Members: Dana Conrad (not pictured), Ginger Edwards (not pictured), Susan Foft, Stephen Kreta, Natalie Laconsay, William Lindsey (not pictured), Dan Lintz (not pictured), Roseann Richard, Roger Scranton, Christine Smith, Michael Walker, Jeff Ward, Bruce Wilbur, Ian Wallace (Chair)

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