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Referring Students for Services

Typically, a student seeks out services on his/her own. However, you may offer to walk a student over to Student Health Services during business hours.

If you are unsure about the signs of a distressed student, read more here.


Our staff can help you:

  • Assess the situation, its seriousness, and the need for referral
  • Identify resources for the student
  • Find the best way to make the referral, if needed
  • Clarify your own feelings and consider ways you can be most effective
  • Discuss follow-up concerns

If you feel there is a possible safety risk—for the student or others—contact Campus Police and Student Health Services.

Helping Students

If you choose to help a student, or if a student approaches you read our Guidelines for Dealing with Distressed Students and read our Red Folder:

Red Folder-Assisting Students in Distress

You may also wish to view the following documents:

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