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HR Policy 211.01 - Equal Employment Opportunity


Policy Statement

It is the policy of the California Maritime Academy (CMA) to prohibit discrimination and to provide Equal Employment Opportunity in all personnel actions.  The Affirmative Action Plan is in compliance with federal laws and The California State University and Colleges Systemwide Guidelines for Nondiscrimination and Affirmative Action Programs in Employment-Executive Order 883.


The goal of this policy is to achieve an employee work force that draws upon the diverse population served by the Academy; to attract and retain talented and motivated employees, representative of that population; and to ensure equal employment opportunities for all.  It is  CMA’s desire to effect changes that will improve and enhance cultural/gender diversity and to increase the representation of persons who have been underrepresented.

Equal Employment Opportunity

It shall be the policy of CMA to provide programs, services, and benefits in a manner consistent with the principles of equal opportunity employment.

The CMA will conduct its human resources practices and procedures without regard to race, religion, color, ancestry, ethnicity, gender, marital status, pregnancy, national origin, age, mental or physical disability, sexual orientation or Vietnam Era Veteran's status.  Similarly, CMA will continue to administer all personnel matters (including, but not limited to recruitment, appointment, evaluation, promotion, demotion, classification, transfer, termination, compensation, training, benefits, grievance procedures, and disciplinary actions) consistent with this policy.

Employment decisions shall be consistent with equal employment opportunity principles, and as such, free from discrimination, harassment, and/or retaliation.

Qualified individuals with a “disability” and/or “medical condition” as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act and/or the Fair Employment and Housing Act can request reasonable accommodation so that they may perform the essential duties of their jobs.  Reasonable accommodation is to be determined by CMA following engagement in an interactive process between the Human Resources Department and the individual, to identify the nature and extent of the individual’s restrictions and the appropriate reasonable accommodation.  If no undue hardship is imposed upon CMA by implementing the proposed accommodation, the accommodation shall be implemented.

All employees of CMA shall adhere to this policy.  All employees shall ensure that the intent, as well as the stated requirements, are implemented in all employee relations and personnel practices.  It is the responsibility of each employee to ensure that the work and learning environments are free of prohibited discrimination, harassment or retaliation. 

Furthermore, all appointing authorities, contractors and/or organizations doing business with or benefiting from their association with CMA are required to ensure that equal employment opportunity is a requirement in their organization; and they are in compliance with appropriate sections of this policy, and applicable state and federal employment laws.

When required by law, the Affirmative Action Plan will be monitored, updated, and/or revised.


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