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HR Policy 211.02 - Classification Review

Policy Statement

It is the policy of the California Maritime Academy (CMA) to ensure that duties and responsibilities assigned to staff are appropriately classified in accordance with the Classification and Qualification Standards and Compensation Plan adopted by the California State University.
  • Designated managers and supervisors retain the right to assign duties.
  • A current and accurate job description signed by the employee and supervisor shall be on file in the Human Resources Office for every position under his/her supervision.
  • Once a position has been assigned a classification and level, the position will be so identified until a significant change has occurred in the assigned duties and responsibilities of the position.  At that time, the incumbent or management may request a classification review for the purpose of determining the appropriate classification and level.
  • Classification reviews shall be conducted by the Human Resources staff or may be delegated to a Classification Consultant.
  • Employees shall be entitled to an appeal process.
  • Position classification may not be grieved nor negotiated.
The responsibility for conducting classification reviews and determining the appropriate classification has been delegated by the Office of the Chancellor to the President of the CMA who in turn has delegated that authority to the Director of Human Resources.

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