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HR Policy - 211.06 Fee Waiver Program


Policy Statement

It is the policy of the California Maritime Academy to an employee Fee Waiver Program as granted by the Education Code. The Authority to administer the program is based on Executive order No. 491, supplemental policies issued by the Office of the Chancellor, and bargaining unit agreements.


This policy has been established to provide educational opportunities at a substantial waiver of fees for course work at a CSU campus. Courses shall be directly related to the current assignment or part of a Career Development Plan that targets lateral or upward career changes.


All full-time or part-time permanent, full-time probationary employees, and full-time Management Personnel Plan employees, regardless of HEERA designation, may participate in the Fee Waiver Program subject to authorization by campus President or designee.

Unit Limitation 

A maximum of two courses or six units, whichever is greater, per quarter may be taken on the Fee Waiver Program, depending on whether the employee is in a bargaining unit position or in a non-bargaining unit position. An employee who is on an approved leave of absence may enroll in additional courses, if the employee pays the difference between the amount waived and the State University fee for more than 6 units.

Program Options 

1.   Work related. Courses which develop skills and knowledge for the employee’s current position, either improving the level of skill needed to perform existing duties and responsibilities or acquiring additional skills needed to perform newly assigned duties.

2.   Career Development. The Individual Career Development Plan (ICDP) provides the framework for the employee’s growth and development, enhances job performance, and assists in attaining career goals. All career development activities must be linked to the present and future needs of the CSU and encompass a variety of activities which are relevant to the employees career goal, including varied work experience, training and educational activities.

Fee Waiver for Dependents

Faculty unit members eligible for participation in the CSU Fee Waiver Program as defined in Article 26.1 of the Unit 3 Bargaining Agreement, may transfer their existing Fee Waiver benefit entitlement maximum of 6 units, as defined in Article 26.2 to a spouse and/or dependent child, subject to the following conditions:

1.   The courses are taken by a spouse and/or dependent child who is matriculated toward a degree and courses are for credit toward that degree’s requirement

2.   The Fee Waiver benefit is applicable to in-state tuition only, and

3.   There is space available, as determined by administration, in such course offerings for the spouse and/or dependent. This entitlement may be transferred from the faculty member to the spouse/dependent, but may be used only once per term.

Admissions and Registration

Employees who qualify for enrollment under the Fee Waiver Program must submit their approved Request for Fee Waiver form to the Student Records Office at least one week prior to the first day of instruction. (Matriculating spouse and/or dependent child will follow normal Admissions and Registration procedures). Prior to the first day of instruction, employees may register for courses on a space-available basis directly in the Student Records Office. Otherwise employees must “add” their courses by first obtaining approval of the course instructor, and then submitting the approved Add form to the Student Records Office. Employees are subject to the same add/drop deadlines and procedures as matriculating students. (See Academic Catalog for details). An official academic transcript of the employee’s final grade(s) will be kept permanently in the Student Records Office, and a copy will be placed in the employees personnel file. Registration holds must be cleared prior to registration; financial holds must be cleared at least five working days prior to the access day. 


The following fees may be fully waived for employees: Application Fee, Identification Card Fee, and Instructional Related Activities Fee. The following fees may be reduced to $1.00: Student Body Association Fee, Student Union Fee, Health Facilities Fee. Up to 6 units of the State University Fee may be waived.

The following fees may be fully waived for eligible dependents of faculty members covered by the California Faculty Association (CFA) bargaining agreement: Application Fee, Identification Card Fee, and Instructional Related Activities Fee. Up to 6 units of the State University Fee may be waived. 

Types of Fee Waiver Courses

Only those classes offered through the REGULAR University curriculum are honored under the Fee Waiver Program. Fees for classes associated with Summer session, Winter session or other Extended Education classes are not waived under any circumstances.

Course Approval

The President or designee may approve the waiver and reduction of fees authorized by this Executive Order following determination by the President or designee that the course(s) for which the employee will enroll is (are) either directly related to the requirements of the employee’s present position (job-related) or is (are) part of an approved individual career development plan. Courses taken on the Fee Waiver Program shall be taken for credit and not audited.

Inter-Campus Enrollments

In some instances employees may need to enroll on their own time at a campus other than the campus of employment. In such cases the campus of employment shall provide an employee with written certification that enrollment is authorized in accordance with the Executive Order and that the employee is enrolling for an approved work-related course or as part of an approved individual career development plan. The campus of enrollment shall then follow the admissions procedures as appropriate.

Separation from the Maritime Academy

Employees who separate from the Academy or otherwise become ineligible (i.e. change in employment status) before or during the eighth week of the academic semester, shall be required to reimburse the Academy for any fees formally waived under this Fee Waiver program.



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