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 HR Policy 211.15 Management Personnel Plan (MPP) Evaluation Plan


Policy Statement

It is the policy of the California Maritime Academy to administer a merit award program for MPP and Confidential employees consistent with Title 5 of the California Code of Regulations and other relevant policies.


This policy has been established to ensure that adjustments to the salary and/or perquisites of a Management Personnel Plan or Confidential employee are based on the appointing power's evaluation of the employee's performance and the needs of the Campus.  Evaluations must be based on general criteria and procedures as defined below, and awards shall be within funds allocated to the appointing power for such purpose.

Unless otherwise prescribed by law, there shall be neither general salary adjustments nor automatic adjustments for MPP and Confidential employees.  Adjustments of the salary range of an employee's grade level shall not automatically affect the employee's salary.


To be eligible for a merit increase, a MPP or Confidential employee must have been appointed prior to January 1 of the year in which the merit award is granted and must have a current evaluation on file in the Human Resources Office before the merit pool is distributed.  Employees hired or reclassified after January 1 are not eligible for a merit salary increase for the year of appointment or reclassification.

The evaluation plan must require standards of expectations for each grade level against which exceeds, meets needs, or unsatisfactory performance can be gauged, and against which the amount of a pay increase, if any, can be determined.  The evaluation plan requires criteria that will assure equity in pay based on merit factors, e.g., quality, productivity.

Management Personnel Plan employees shall be evaluated after six-months and one year of service, and subsequently at one year intervals.  Evaluation shall also form the basis for recommendations for management development, professional leaves or other activities related to career development and upward mobility.

Merit Pool
Merit salary increases for MPP and Confidential employees are to be awarded from a single pool of funds.  Funds shall be authorized by the Chancellor's Office and included in the final budget allocation to the campus.  The campus must calculate the amount of its authorized funding for the merit salary increase program based on criteria established by the Chancellor's Office.

Reporting Requirements
Each campus is required to maintain a permanent record of the campus General Fund merit salary pool calculation and the total amount allocated.  No augmentation of this authorized expenditure amount is permitted.

Appropriate detailed documentation in addition to an evaluation must be available and on file in the Human Resources Office to support individual cases where a merit salary award was not granted or where the increase exceeds 15%.  Special attention should be given to setting MPP supervisor's salaries to ensure that their compensation reflects an adequate differential over the salaries of the represented employees they supervise.

The Vice Presidents shall form a committee to rank MPP and Confidential employees based on their knowledge of the employee's performance and a review of the employee's current evaluation.  They will also assign the percentage of awards to be granted to each employee.  The President will then meet with the committee to discuss their recommendations and may accept, amend, or modify their recommended awards.


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