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 Absence Management

About Absence Management

Absence Management is a CSU system-wide project that will replace the existing paper process for reporting absences with an electronic process via CMS PeopleSoft. Absence Management will improve operational efficiencies and enhance the services that the Department of Human Resources provides through its payroll. This tool will reduce the use of paper timesheets and allow departments to view vacation, sick, personal holiday, and CTO leave balances on behalf of their employees.

CMA will be rolling the system out in two stages:

  1. In the first stage, employees will continue to complete their timesheets. Department managers have identified authorized employees to fill the roles of Timekeeper and Manager/Approver to enter, review and approve time taken on the employee’s behalf into the Absence Management system.
  2. In the second stage, the Absence Management Self Service module will be phased in over the next few months, allowing employees to enter their own time taken and view accrued balances themselves.

CMA Absence Management Guides

CMA Employee Balance Inquiry Guide

CMA Employee Self Service Absence Management Guide

CMA Manager Balance Inquiry Guide

CMA Manager Self Service Absence Management Guide

CMA Manager Approving Absences Guide

Accessing Absence Management - (Timekeepers and Managers/Approvers Only)

Timekeeper Role

Timekeepers will enter an Absence on an employee’s behalf in stage one. Absences entered by Timekeepers are automatically updated to a status of “Reviewed” and await Manager approval in the system. In stage two, Timekeepers will review entries made by employees, and will be able to enter absences on behalf of employees if they are unable to do so.

Manager/Approver Role

Managers approve absences which have been entered and reviewed by Timekeepers. Managers may also enter an absence on an employee’s behalf in the event that the Timekeeper is unable to enter the absences. Absences entered by Managers are automatically updated to a status of “Approved”. Proxy and Alternate roles can be assigned to an appropriate manager at the request of the Department Head.


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