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Campus Clearance

All employees who are separating employment from CSU Maritime Academy must complete the separation/clearance process. Full and Part-time Faculty members who are expected to return during the following semester may be exempt from this process, at the discretion of the Dean of the College.  If an employee is retiring and returning as a rehired annuitant, the department still needs to complete the separation/clearance process.  
Departing employees providing at least 72 hours advance notice of their intent to resign or retire will receive their final paycheck on their last day of employment.  Employees who resign or retire with no advance notice will be provided their final paycheck no later than 72 hours after their last day of employment. Employees who are separated from employment by the University will receive their final paycheck on their last day of employment.  
Campus Clearance Process Flow


Before Last Day


Last Day of Employment


Campus Clearance Responsibilities

  • Provide as much advance notice as possible of his/her intent to separate from the University. Two weeks' notice of resignation is considered appropriate, except for MPP positions, which is one month notice. 
  • Provide written notification of intent to resign to Appropriate Administrator (AA) 
  • Submit the final Absence Report for approval at least 72 hours prior to the last day of employment
  • Coordinate with AA to return department properties and forward information to appropriate parties when necessary.
  • Update mailing address or forwarding address via Employee Action Request Form
  • Complete the online Exit Interview survey/schedule an Exit Interview appointment with AVP (if needed)
  • Return employee ID card, keys, parking permit to Appropriate Administrator. 
  • Complete and submit the Employee Campus Clearance Checklist to HR on the last day of employment.
  • Contact Human Resources upon receiving employee's notice of his/her intent to separate.
  • Forward employee's written resignation to Human Resources as soon as possible.
  • Approve final Absence Report
  • Work with the departing employee to forward phone and email. Transfer all necessary information from employee's desktop to shared drive. Setup "out of office" message for employee's voicemail and email.
  • Terminate employee's access to any department subscription or third-party systems.
  • Confirm with IT that employee's email and PeopleSoft access will be automatically terminated upon separation.
  • Collaborate with appropriate departments to collect the following items on or before their last day of work:
    • Departmental properties (e.g., laptop)
    • Procurement card (ProCard) -  ProCard must be reconciled prior to employee leaving (if applicable).  Manager or department designee must collect all outstanding receipts if ProCard was used after the last ProCard reconcilation. 
    • University keys
    • University parking permit
    • Employee Port Pass
    • Prior to employee's last day of work, ensure that all departmental obligations are met
    • Complete the Employee Campus Clearance Checklist - Department Section
  • Email departing employee online Exit Interview survey* 
  • Provide information and necessary forms for COBRA, retirement plan, and/or final wages.
  • Review signed Employee Campus Clearance Checklist and complete separation transaction

*Exit interview will provide an opportunity for the employee to communicate his/her views about the job, the department, and the University.



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Campus Clearance Form

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