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CSU Learn

In late 2018, The California State University system will migrate from our currently learning management sy stem, SkillPort, to a new system, CSU Learn. 

What is CSU Learn?

CSU Learn is a learning management system (LMS) provided by Skillsoft/SumTotal. The LMS allows the CSU to assign, track, and leverage content ranging from mandatory professional development to compliance.

Why CSU Learn?

The CSU's current enterprise training contract was reaching the end of its term. As per CSU requirement, a new RFP was conducted and placed out to bid. CSU Learning & Development established an RFP committee with 27 participants from various campus areas, and the campus stakeholders indicated that the CSU's needs had outgrown the current training solution.
CSU Learn will provide a system that meets the CSU's growing needs, including flexibility for training assignment criteria, support for employees with multiple roles, extensive reporting and analytics, and a more dynamic user experience. SkillSoft's client base and success stories reached familiar partners such as the University of California system (UC) and other highly regulated industries including pharmaceuticals and airlines.

Frequently Asked Questions 

I have training that is due in September or October. Where should I take it?
Until CSU Learn is live, training can continue in SkillPort. The import date to transfer all records from SkillPort to CSU Learn is late 2018, so all pending training must be completed by the TBD date.
What will happen to my training history?
Any completed training records will carry over into CSU Learn. Please note that will not include any incomplete training that was in progress.
Can I keep a copy of my training records?
Until CSU Learn is live, you can log into SkillPort and view your training completion certificates, which are available for download or printing. Your training history will also be available in CSU Learn.
I am a manager. How will this affect my team?
CSU Learn will have improved notification and reporting systems, so it should be easier for you to keep track of who needs training and when.
I run in-person trainings. How will this affect me?
CSU Learn will continue to support in-person training. You may benefit from improved support for mixed content such as online modules, paper handouts, and completion certificates.

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