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Welcome to the CSU California Maritime Academy!

New Employee Orientation is the first step in welcoming new hires to Cal Maritime. Its main objective is to familiarize new employees with the University, its organizational structure, its policies and procedures, and to enable them to get a better understanding of their benefits and the various benefits options available to eligible new employees. The objective of the session is to provide new employees with all the pertinent information they need to begin working at the university.

It is necessary for all new/rehired employees (Faculty/ Staff/Instructional Student Assistants) to complete employment documents. This webpage provides you with a list of documents and forms that you will need to bring in on your first day of work or as instructed by your Human Resources (HR) Representative.


Please bring the following identification documents with you on your first day of work:

  • Social Security Card – to meet Federal IRS and California State Franchise Tax Board requirements, employees must provide their social security card for verification of their name and social security number. All employment documents must reflect the same name as is printed on the Social Security Card.
  • Any acceptable documents that fulfill I-9 requirements. The purpose of the Form I-9 is to document that the new employee is authorized to work in the United States. Employees must provide original documents. Provide ONE (1) document from List A OR TWO (2) documents, one (1) each from List B and List C.


The following is a partial list of employment forms that must be completed. Please complete and print these forms as directed and return on your first day of work or submit them as instructed by your HR Representative. 

SECTION I: All Employees:

SECTION II: Complete the following forms as directed


Please review the policies and procedures listed below and complete and sign the Policy Acknowledgement Checklist:


All New Hires are subject to a background investigation.  Employees whose positions are considered "sensitive" such as those working with minor children, handling cash or financial resources, holding master keys, and those with access to personally identifiable information etc. may be subject to additional background check requirements.

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