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Tuition Fee Waiver

The Fee Waiver Program provides a waiver or reduction of certain fees for employees who enroll in CSU courses, which are job-related or part of an approved Career Development Plan.

Employee Fee Waiver Eligibility

Employee CategoryEligibility Criteria
Unit 1 (Physicians)Full-time employees and part-time permanent employees
Units 2, 5, 7, 9 (CSUEU)
Unit 4 (Academic Professionals)
Unit 6 (Skilled Trades)
Unit 10 (IUOE)
Unit 12 (Head Start/SFSU)
Full-time employees (i.e., permanent, temporary, & probationary) and part-time permanent employees
Unit 8 (Public Safety)
C99 (Confidential)**
E99 (Excluded)**
M98 (Executive)
Full-time or part-time permanent** employees, and full-time probationary employees (no temporary)
M80 (MPP)Full-time employees (includes temporary)
Unit 3 (Faculty)Tenured and probationary (Tenure Track), temporary faculty (Lecturers) with a three year appointment contract, or coaches with at last six (6) consecutive years of service in the department. FERP employees are eligible for fee waivers only during those semesters they are actively employed

**C99 and E99 employees only attain permanent status in part-time positions as a result of completing a probationary period in a full-time position and, subsequently, reducing their time-base. Note: Please check CBAs for provisions concerning the appointment of part-time, permanent employees.

Graduate Assistants and Student Assistants, although employees, are not eligible to participate in the Fee Waiver Program. 


Guidelines for administering the Employee Fee Waiver Program can be found in:
Technical Letter HR/Benefits 2011-14 - CSU Employee Fee Waiver and Reduction Program
  • Unit 1 (Physicians) - Article 23
  • Unit 2, 5,7 and 9 (CSUEU) Article 22
  • Unit 3 ( Faculty) - Article 26
  • Unit 4 (Academic Professionals) - Article 16
  • Unit 6 (Skilled Trades) - Article 27
  • Unit 8 (University Police) - Article 20


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Dependent Fee Waiver Application

Employee Fee Waiver Application

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