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Hardware and Software Requirements

In order to participate in your courses on Moodle, you will need to have access to the following:

· A computer with a broadband Internet connection

· A supported Web browser

o Mozilla Firefox version 3.6 or above. Firefox is the preferred browser for Moodle. Chrome is NOT recommended for Moodle.

o Internet Explorer version 7.0 or above

Note: Some elements of Moodle such as taking a quiz, require JavaScript to be enabled

Note: Other modern browsers may work but if you experience any issues, try using one of our recommended browsers.

Software Recommendations/Document Viewers

Students can install the free viewers below. However, the full version of Microsoft Office will be needed to edit and submit assignments.

Mac OSX users can use textedit to view documents or OpenOffice to view and edit items and to submit assignments

· Microsoft Word Document Viewer (WIN)

· Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer (WIN)

· Microsoft Excel Viewer (WIN)

· Microsoft Office 2007 Compatibility Pack

· Adobe Acrobat Reader

Media Viewers

· Adobe Flash Player


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