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(XL423-1) Combined Facility /Vessel/Security Officer
Satisfies Regulations in 13.1, 13.2 and 18.1 (Parts A and B) of the International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code; The Maritime Transportation Secuirty Act of 2002; United States Coast Guard regulations contained in 33 CFR Chapter 1 Subchapter H; Model Course MTSA 08-01, Vessel Security Officer (2008 edition); IMO Model Course 3.19, Ship Security officer (2012 edition); IMO Model Course 3.20, Company Security Officer (2011 edition); IMO Model Course 3.21, Port Facility Security Officer (2011 edition); and STCW Convention 1978, as amended, Regulation VI/5 and STCW Code Section A-VI/5 and Table VI/5. 

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