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Increased Broadband access, Cloud Computing and Web 2.0 applications and technologies continue to transform and redefine the way instructors teach and the the way students learn and collaborate.

Greg Crum, the Academic Technologist of the Information Technology Department, is here to help faculty, staff and students navigate the world of Instructional technology by providing consultation and access to resources that support teaching and learning and personal productivity.

In addition,he provides pedagogical support for and system administration of the online course management system, Moodle.  Greg also supports some of the computer labs on campus.

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Highlights of some transformative technologies you can use now for free or through Cal Maritime


A podcast is just an audio recording in a digital format. It can be as short as a few seconds, or a long as a few hours.

You can record a podcast of your lecture or record just a quick audio note describing a concept and place it in Moodle or on the web for students to review multiple times.

Tools: Audacity, Jing, Blackboard Collaborate, Echo 360 Personal Capture

Lecture Capture

Comprehensive software that records in-classroom lectures and stores them on a server. Systems manage lectures and automatically distribute lectures to instructors and students

Tools: Echo 360

Collaborative Software

These programs provide a collaborative space. They let you share your presentation or screen instantly with users. Kind of an online classroom. They have integrated whiteboards, sounds, polling, web cam etc. Users can record session for later use by students

Tools: Blackboard Collaborate, Twiddla, Google Docs

Screen Sharing

These applications let you instantly share what is on your screen with anyone. Some applications let you pass control of your screen or let you control users screens. Many come with free phone bridge

Tools: Join.me  Teamviewer, Blackboard Collaborate

Screen Casting

These programs let you record what is on your screen. You can record your voice and mouse movements and save a cast.. Some applications let you upload your cast to a server

Tools: Jing, Blackboard Collabarate, Echo 360 Personal Capture



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