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Accounts and Passwords


Account Names

Windows accounts (consisting of a unique username and a password) are used at Cal Maritime to logon to a domain (students use the ACADEMIC domain whereas faculty and staff use the MARITIME domain).  In most cases, an account name consists of the individuals first initial immediately by his/her last name.  The account name, password and domain are used to logon to various Cal Maritime services (such as email, Moodle, and Peoplesoft).


Road Sign cautioning: Hackers AheadThe current password policy at Cal Maritime took effect on January 29, 2007 for faculty and staff.  A week later, on February 5th, all students were required to change their passwords.  Users are now required to change their password at least once every semester.  New passwords must meet the test of a "strong password" (described below).

The IT Department recommends that students, faculty and staff who will be away from campus for the summer change their password prior to departing.  This will help insure that password problems are not encountered while at sea or elsewhere.


Need Assistance?

For assistance with account-related problems, please contact the Help Desk.

How to Change Your Password?

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